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Medieval Dynasty – Extraction Skills Guide

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Extraction Skills

Extraction Knowledge

Get +1 skill points from extraction activities. It is a Tier 1 skill that can be upgraded 3 times via talent points.




Spend your talent points in Woodcutter to get +5% faster logging on each upgrade. It is a Tier 1 skill in the Medieval Dynasty.




Using the Miner skill you can increase your mining/digging by +5%. Miner is a Tier 1 talent upgraded via Talent points up to 3 times.



Force of Nature

Axe is one of the most important tools in the Medieval Dynast but this tool breaks over time. However, you can use the Force of Nature skills for -5% slower ax durability loss.



One with the Earth

Just like the axe pickaxe also breaks over time. Spend your talent points in One with the Earth for -5% slower pickaxe/shovel durability loss.



Iron Seeker

Mining Iron is a key part of progressing your dynasty in the Medieval Dynasty. You can mine Iron but if you use the Iron Seeker skill you can 10% bigger chance to find Iron when mining.




Spend your talent points to acquire Mule skill for +5kg bigger weight limit in inventory.



Excavation Master

Excavation Master skill gives you 10% less stamina loss during logging, mining, digging. The skill can be upgraded 3 times.



Woodcutter’s Trance

Woodcutter Trance gives you +10% faster tree cutting for the next 10 seconds, stacks up to 1. You can upgrade this skill three times like all other skills in the Medieval Dynasty.



Miner’s Trance

Miner’s trance gives you 10% faster mining/digging for the next 10 seconds, stacks up to 1.


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