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Medieval Dynasty – Hunting Skills Guide

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Hunting Knowledge

Hunting Knowledge gives you +1 more skill points from hunting activities.



Steady Hand

According to the developers, Steady Hand is a work in progress skill so use it with caution. Steady Hand gives your character +10% steadier hands when using bows, crossbows, and spears.




Archer skill gives you a 10% less chance of breaking arrows and bolts.




Tracker skill allows you to track animals through inspector mode. Use the left ALT to trigger the inspector mode.




Mode 10% faster while sneaking.



Bottomless Bag

+50 bigger quiver to store arrows and bolts.



Experienced Hunter

5% slower melee and ranged weapon durability loss.



Trapping Master

+1 bigger trap limit which means you can set more traps to get food from rabbits and other animals.



Strong Arm

10% slower stamina consumption during aiming with bows and throwing spears.



Lock and Load

10% faster bow drawing and crossbow loading.


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