Mafia III: Definitive Edition – Repent Magazine Locations Guide


Repent Magazine Locations

Repent Magazines are a series of five collectibles found around New Bordeaux. They become available after they’re introduced by John Donovan at the beginning of Compromised Corruption and may be collected anytime afterward. The map shows the locations where you can find Repent magazines in new Bordeaux in Mafia III. Each point has a short description that helps in determining the precise location of the secret. Once you find a magazine you can check it in the secrets window.




1 – The magazine will be on a bench after you’ve talked to Donovan as a part of the “Compromised Corruption” story mission.


2 – The magazine is on the upper floor of the supermarket controlled by the Southern Union.


3 – The magazine is in a room on the upper floor of the brothel.


4 – The magazine is on a stone block in the cemetery.


5 – The magazine is on a counter in the sports club. This location is controlled by enemies by default.


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