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Mafia III: Definitive Edition – All Playboy Magazine Locations Guide

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All Playboy Magazine Locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 50 Playboy magazines:



Delray Hollow 

1. Playboy (August 1966) – On a desk in the back of the Everyday Laundromat. There is also a Junction Box nearby.


2. Playboy (August 1964) – On a table in the basement of Sammy’s Bar.


3. Playboy (November 1967) – On a desk inside the greenhouse in the area.


4. Playboy (May 1964) – On the bar counter inside the Double Barrel Bar.



River Row 

1. Playboy (July 1964) – On a desk inside the Bayside Shipping warehouse.


2. Playboy (June 1966) – Behind the wall on a table in the kitchen area of Fresh Crab Shack.


3. Playboy (June 1963) – In the corner filing cabinet inside Baby Bear BBQ restaurant next to the table.


4. Playboy (February 1966) – A large wooden table on the second-floor catwalk in a large warehouse.


5. Playboy (May 1966) – At the top of the stairwell in a small two-story building.


6. Playboy (October 1967) – On a table in a shack in the River Row slums.


7. Playboy (December 1967) – Next to a wooden chair in a riverfront home near the bridge that has a wooden chair.



Pointe Verdun

1. Playboy (July 1965) – On a bench near the cliff at the lighthouse.


2. Playboy (August 1967) – On a table in the greenhouse.


3. Playboy (November (1965) – On a table outside a small house under the freeway.


4. Playboy (September 1968) – On a desk on the second floor of a large warehouse.


5. Playboy (August 1965) – On a black coach inside the garage next to the Bevers Moonshine.


6. Playboy (October 1965) – In a trailer office in the police station. Use stealth to avoid detection.


7. Playboy (May 1967) – On top of Burke’s Iron & Metal garage bench.



Barclay Mills 

1. Playboy (January 1964) – Find the building with the Red Draft billboard next to the large open hangar (garage). It is inside the garage/hangar, behind the trucks.


2. Playboy (September 1963) – On a table inside the wooden shack on the hill.


3. Playboy (February 1964) – On a table inside a cabin on the hill with a blue metal table on the porch.


4. Playboy (November 1963) – On the porch of the ranch house on the hill.




1. Playboy (January 1967) – On the desk inside the Auto Service office.


2. Playboy (November 1966) – Enter the sewers from the river tunnel (where you find the Revolución Cuba poster). It is on the bottom shelf of a small workbench.


3. Playboy (June 1967) – Hidden inside the yellow flowers next to the park monument.


4. Playboy (April 1965) – You access a construction yard behind Shaker’s Jazz Club during the “Caver’s Construction” mission. It is inside the trailer office.


5. Playboy (December 1964) – On a desk inside an office in a garage on the shoreline.



Tickfaw Harbor

1. Playboy (October 1968) – Behind the bar inside Shooter’s Bar.


2. Playboy (July 1967) – On a desk inside the small train depot in the rail yard.


3. Playboy (July 1962) – Go to the Bayside Shipping’s main building with a sign on top of it. A small building on the opposite side has the magazine on a ledge on the roof.


4. Playboy (August 1962) – On a desk inside the small trailer office in the shipyard.


5. Playboy (May 1965) – Inside a small trailer office on the waterfront.



Frisco Fields

1. Playboy (April 1967) – On the floor in the house on the lake.


2. Playboy (October 1968) – On top of the tower at Duvall Lookout.


3. Playboy (March 1967) – On the table in the backyard of a two-story house, with a little secondary home to the side (small enough to be a parking garage).


4. Playboy (March 1965) – Under a pergola, stacked between some chairs, in a house with a large backyard.


5. Playboy (September 1965) – In a small shack to the right of a wooden house.



French Ward

1. Playboy (February 1962) – Near two lounge chairs outside a house among the trees and grass.


2. Playboy (February 1967) – On a workbench inside a small green garage sitting behind a red-brick house in the residential area.


3. Playboy (April 1961) – On a workbench inside a warehouse in the area with decking and four garage doors lining the side.


4. Playboy (November 1968) – On a grill under the pergola at a large house in the area.




1. Playboy (September 1967) – In the stands of Neil A. Arthur Stadium.


2. Playboy (March 1968) – A bathroom cabinet in a long green home near the bridge.


3. Playboy (March 1966) – In a room on a table near the window on the second floor at the Pearl Diver motel.


4. Playboy (December 1967) – Locate the building with rooftop access through a stairwell to the south side of the building. Enter through a green door to find it on the rooftop.



Bayou Fantom 

1. Playboy (June 1962) – On a table inside the old shack on the Bayou.


2. Playboy (June 1968) – On the workbench at the stilted shack over the water.


3. Playboy (August 1968) – In a bedroom at a small, broken down, and aging shack among the trees.


4. Playboy (June 1968) – On a picnic table near the stilted, riverfront home on the Bayou.


5. Playboy (March 1962) – Inside the single shack in this area.


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