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Mafia: Definitive Edition Cheats

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Unlockable Secret Cars

Secret Car #1 – Manta Prototype 

The vehicle is found on the Central Rail Station block in Works Quarter. The garage is located in the northeast building on the Rail Station block. When you go to this building, climb the crates to enter the next area filled with crates. This is a small labyrinth of crates that you have to navigate and climb over to get to the garage. When you get to the gray metal garage, smash the door open and get the car inside. 



Secret Car #2 – Trautenberg Sport  

This secret car can be found at The Waterfront in Downtown. The Waterfront will be facing the East River on the map. Go inside the building and clear all the crates with a gun, climb the unbreakable crates, and go towards the next garage building. You will find the car parked inside the next garage. 



Secret Car #3 – Disorder 

This vehicle can be found east from Lake Fyer by staying on the road leading east from the Fyer Dam. You will come across a hotel-type building with umbrellas out in the front. Head towards the back of this building to the garage shed. The car will be inside this garage. 



Secret Car #4 – Lassiter V16 Appolyon 

This vehicle is all the way to the east part of the map on Beech Hill. One of the houses here will have a garage that contains the secret car inside. The house is exactly on top of the “Hill” word on the map. Open the garage and get the car inside. 



Secret Car #5 – Flame Spear 

This car can be found in Central Island, just a block south of the Marshall Bridge. The car will be inside the garage of the large construction building. All you have to do is open the garage door and get the car inside.



Secret Car #6 – Crazy Horse

This car is special to time trails, and you need to go to the far west side of Little Italy. Here you will find phone ringing, which will unlock The Crazy Horse mission. Go to each location with the ringing bell and without damaging the car.




The following are the achievements of the Mafia: Definitive Edition that you need to unlock in order to complete the game 100%:


Achievement How To Unlock
The Original Gangster Obtained all Mafia: Definitive Edition Trophies
A Life of Crime Completed the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty
Made Man Completed the game on Classic difficulty
The Whole Story Completed the Collection
Supercharged Won the race
Motor Museum Collected 30 vehicles in the Garage
Lending Library Found all Pulp Magazines
Picture Book Connoisseur Found all copies of Gangsters Monthly
Full Set Found all ‘Gangsters of the United States’ cigarette cards
Car Thief Number One Found all of the hidden cars
Mystery Fox Domination Found all Mystery Foxes
A Chase through the Night Completed “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”
The Back Streets of Little Italy Completed “Running Man”
The Way this City Works Completed “Molotov Party”
Gangs of Lost Heaven Completed “Ordinary Routine”
Neighborhood Hero Completed “Fair Play”
Good Night for a Walk Anyways Completed “Sarah”
Storm Cloud over Chinatown Completed “Better Get Used to It”
Murder in the House of God Completed “The Saint and the Sinner”
Your Canuck Cousins Completed “A Trip to the Country”
Rat in the House Completed “Omerta”
Blood on Beech Hill Completed “Visiting Rich People”
Best Laid Plans Completed “Great Deal”
The Day the War Began Completed “Bon Appétit”
Death on the Water Completed “Happy Birthday”
When God Stops Smiling Completed “You Lucky …”
The Day the War Ended Completed “Crème de la Crème”
A View from the Top Completed “Election Campaign”
Into the Lion’s Den Completed “Just For Relaxation”
That Last Big Score Completed “Moonlighting”
Friends and Family Completed “The Death of Art”
Lined Pockets Paid a fine to the Lost Heaven Police Department
Not Taken In Resisted arrest by the Lost Heaven Police Department
Heat from the Cops Lost the cops after accruing a five-star police chase
Car Enthusiast Lockpicked 5 cars on the streets of Lost Heaven and environs
That Motor can Move Reached 50mph while driving the Bolt Ace
Stunt Rider Performed a wheelie for 3 seconds
Quite the Collection Collected 15 vehicles in the Garage
Pulp Fiction Found a Pulp Magazine
Comic Violence Found a copy of Gangsters Monthly
Family History Found a ‘Gangsters of the United States’ cigarette card
On the Tail Found a hidden car
Mystery Fox Discovered Found a Mystery Fox
Not Classy Took Paulie to a Place of Disrepute


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