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How to Change FOV in Aliens: Fireteam Elite

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The field of view (FOV) is basically how much of the game world you see on your screen; it’s kind of like your in-game peripheral vision and it’s usually shown as an angle… This can make your game experience feel different, depending on whether you’re seeing more horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Here’s a quick guide on how to tweak it:


  • Find the Game’s Config File: Head over to this folder on your PC:




  • Edit the Settings File: Open the file named OpenGameUserSettings.ini.


  • Change the FOV Value: Look for a line that says something like FieldOfView. Change the number after it to what you prefer (like FieldOfView=120).


  • Save Your Changes: After tweaking the number, save the file.


  • Heads Up: If the game updates it might reset this file. So, you might need to do this again later…


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