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GRANDIA HD Remaster – Secret Dungeons

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Castle of Dreams

The first bonus area you visit should probably be the Castle of Dreams. It is the easiest of the bonus dungeons and the quickest to beat with a nice weapon that can help with the other dungeons. To get to the castle you need to go to the exit of the southern part of the Zil Desert on the second disk. Facing towards the broken pillars with the exit behind you head right along the rocky wall on the left, stay on that wall and you’ll run right into the entrance to the castle. Once you’re in you’ll notice a weird setting, just go up the stairs and talk to the girl, that’ll lower the gate to the castle and head in.


Make use of the save in the main hall of the castle. Head to the left to the castle’s cemetery. Nothing too special in the cemetery, stay away from the walls if you get too close some spikes come out and do damage, not much though. There’s some money on the floor and to get the treasure on the platform in the water you can cross over on the legs of the of the half turtle like platform and it’s easily reached.


Next area, head back out and recover if needed, the next room is the knights room and it is just right of the cemetery. Once in you’ll notice some statues, if you walk along a certain path, i.e. straight up the middle or straight up side ect., the statues will hop and mage like monsters will appear. They are really annoying so just avoid them and head to the door on the left. This is just a small room with little treasure and one monster. Next room, head up the stairs and go right to your left, you’ll probably have to fight those butterfly like monsters, easily dealt with, keep heading to the left and get the knife then go in the dinning hall doors. Again there’s nothing much in this room grab any treasure and head back out. Recover and head back up the stairs. The next room is up another little flight stairs and on the left.


There are some nice treasures in this room and they’re hidden fairly well behind all the junk in the room. Back out again. You don’t need to recover for the next room at the end of the hall. It has a save point and take full advantage of it. Behind the save is some more fallen stuff with a good whip under it, get it. Now the dresser in front of the save opens up to go to the roof. Go across the vine and into the room, down the vine and talk to the lady. She whines about the cursed sword and sends her dead dad out to kill you. Hope you saved…


Make sure to bring a couple of resu potions because the experience you get from him is around 10000 and after the experienceless monsters that’s hard to pass up on any character. I was on level 30 with Justin and around that with my other three characters and it took me three tries to beat him. The main thing to keep in mind is to keep your characters as far away form each other as possible.


He has the zap attack with takes off around 70 hp and his eye beam does about the same and if it’s hitting a bunch of your characters than it’ll kill you quick. Just kill his staff really quick and his head and body are the same so just use some good magic and you’ll be fine. Don’t attack with physical hits except Justin’s Thor Cut, because it groups your characters together and he usually dodges then anyway.


Once you beat him you’ll get a nice sword and just leave.



Soldiers Grave

Items: 8 Gold Pouches, Sonic Walnut, Heavy Shield, Fireproof Cape, Expensive Jewel, Diana’s Amulet, 2 All-Around Seeds, Ice Blade, Y Medal, Satisfaction Gem, 4 Soldier’s Souls, Godspeed Knife, Energy Charm


Another dungeon with really annoying monsters. Magic works very well, but I was around level 33 and was able to kill them fairly easily with my weapons. Make sure and bring a couple weapons for each character because some of the weapons they have take off zero hp on most monsters. And they give barely anything for experience again.


To get to this dungeon go to the entrance of the Zil desert on the north part from where you first enter the desert. Head to the right side of the entrance and follow that wall all the way to about the middle of the desert wall. There should be an entrance to the soldiers graveyard, it’s pretty easy to spot. Once inside save and search around if you want some little treasures. There isn’t anything special on this floor, mostly money. Now from the entrance go to the path on the left. When this path splits take the right path. You should be at a spot with a large crevice and two pads for jumping across.


Don’t jump just fall. When you fall down head to the right, shortly after that the area should open up a little and in the wall on the right there is an opening, slightly hidden. Once in it is about the same as the previous floor, again not much for treasures.


Once your done looking around the entrance to the next floor is pretty easy to find because the rest of the floor has dead ends. The next floor is a lot more like a temple. Just head straight down the corridor till you reach some stairs. Now this floor has a few treasures on it and mostly money again. One room has another big crack across that, just fall again. Now these next floors have a lot of treasures and even more monsters. There are also lot of false walls. Just walk right against the walls and if it’s fake it’ll disappear. On about the 3rd or 4th floor there is a boss.




HP: 4776


STRATEGY: The biggest thing to remember is keep on hitting him because he heals for around 250 HP each turn. Use the group’s weaker skills (that take less SP to use) because you want to hit him for a lot each turn for a lot of turns. Make sure one character has the Alhealer spell and use combos when no MP/SP are left. Ice seems to work good against him as well.


After you beat him you might find a treasure chest that’s too high to get. To get it to lower you must find four soldiers souls. They are all behind some false walls on multiple levels. None are above the second level though. Be careful too, because when you get those treasures more monsters will appear. Mainly the wolf guys, they’re really annoying but pretty easy to beat with even your weapons.


After you get the fourth soul the picture should flash to the raised chest and it should lower. It didn’t for me though I may have just gone too quick, but I went back to the chest nearest to the raised treasure and just touched it and the picture flashed to the treasure then it lowered, I’m not sure why. That’s it for this dungeon, the way out for the temple area is always the stairs then to get back up you need to just find the path back out, it’s pretty easy. The monsters don’t come back until you leave the entire dungeon.


Now the hard part….



Tower of Temptation

Make sure and bring some resu, blue and ultra potions and drinks. You’ll need them towards the top of the tower. I was on level 35 to 39 my second time through and the monsters where still as annoying as the first time I went through seven levels lower. Now to get to the tower if you’ve all ready been to Alent in space go to where you crashed the rocket. From that entrance nearest the rocket head east and you should pass the rocket on your left. Shortly after that you should run in to a mountain with one of those paths that go up the side of it, go up it.


You should still be heading east and if you can’t tell which way east is, that little direction thing in the corner has a little knob like thing and that is north and the red part is south, just go off that. Once you get off the mountain path head west and stay right along the wall, you should be going right under the path you just got off also. If you stay along that wall you’ll eventually be heading north and should pass some scorpion and bird like monsters. Just a little after the mountain path goes out of sight you should be able to see a hole in the wall your walking along. It is kind of hidden, if your not loking for it you really won’t see it. When you go in you wont be able to see where you’re going but the exit is towards the North east and there’s a little treasure in one of the paths that go left once your in it.


Once out of that go in the building and to the transport, the item thing has some nice rare items for sale in it and they kind help with the tower. Get on the teleport and push X, you’ll be teleported to another area, I don’t know where. There are a lot of weapons around you but dont get them. They are the zero weapons, for training only, they take off zero damage and you need the room in your item inventory anyway. Just get them after ou finish the tower or if ou dont mind going back looking for an item save in a town.


Now off the teleporter and head North, watch out there are a few sets of Dragon knights and they aren’t much fun to fight. Go into the first door you see, it’s blue. Once inside just head up, there are two sets of bats in the cross kind of parts of the hall. I was able to take them out pretty easily with just regular attacks. Next up is a four way with some dragon knights. Try to avoid them, they’re just a waste of time and have 558 hp. Only one of the monsters in this tower give any good exp. The south path has the teleporter from the fourth floor which will be available later. The north path has a plus on the floor, just touch it and it’ll disappear. The east path has the rock that the plus disappears to and that opens another door.


Head back out and go to the east and there should be a red door. Go in and a ways up there is another four way. the west path has another set of bats and a treasure at the dead end. The east path is another dead end. Back out once your done with that one and head North east to a green door. this room has a bunch of chared walls. I fyou push X on them they blow in and some have treasures. One has a tablet with writing on it and I haven’t been able to tell what it’s for. If you have any idea please email me, it’s up top, it would be very appreciated and I would credit you for any info you gave me.


Back out again and heading to the North West to the main entrance with a Grey-green door. Once in open the red/black door if you put the plus in the rock. Go up the stairs then out to the rampart. There are two more sets of bats. Don’t try to run form them because they are really fast and it’ll just end up in an ambush. Back in and then another four way. he path to the north has an elevator to the 2nd floor and so does the east path. The south path is a dead end, I think with treasure, maybe not :).


Go to the east elevator and there are more bats once you go up then another elevator to a red and black door that goes out to another rampart. This also has two sets of bats and because of the space if you stay along the wall you can run from them. Now the fourth floor. Theres a soldiers statue just go past it he helps later. All the way up the hall, don’t worry about the walls shutting behind you. The wolf guys have six for each battle and there’s two or three sets of them up this hall and you pretty much have to fight them. At he end pull the lever and the dirt walls open it doesn’t matter which you take it’s a circle but make sure and pull the lever in the middle of the circle. The next wall falls that popped up behind you after you go back. Open the dirt walls with X again and take the north path, the others a trap.


Push the blue button on the head thing and keep pushing till he turns all the ay back to you. The north path is another trap but the wall with the animal on it falls to get out. Go o the west path and pull the lever at the end of that. Go back and again the walls go down, take the south path and pull the lever then go north and you’ll wind around back to the entrance with the soldier, he’ll help you out a bit and take that path he opens. A lot of walls should open up in front of you. At the three way the path to the North est is an elevator to the 7th floor and to the south is and teleport back to the 1st. You might want to go back out and save, the teleport still works to get back up and the monsters stay gone as long as you don’t turn the game off.


Now up to the seventh floor. There are a lot of locked doors in this floor, once you wind around to going north west and pass a green door the wall a little ways in front is almost black and opens up. Go in and push the blue button, just walk on it. Watch out for the mages, they disappear and circle the button. Really annoying to fight. Now go back and turn south west the blue door is now open just go under and down the stairs. Take the east turn and own more stairs. Go north and the wall on the north east side of the next stairs opens get the goodie and go back push the button next to the stairs go up the stairs you came down. Go north at the turn and fall down the hole. Go east and watch out for ghosts only magic really hurts them and if you do fight the zap attacks work well. Keep going till you get to more stairs and push the button next to it go up the stairs.


The wall on the south west of the hole opens for an item. Fall down the hole and go south and up the stairs, around again to the next stairs and go up push the button next to the stairs go own and push the button next to those stairs and now take the diaganol path through to the next stairs, it should go to a hall with some bigger rooms down it with holes in the middle, watch out for the holes they will set you back a ways if you fall. ghosts are in the hall just past that hole and after that some more stairs up to the 7th floor. Head east and hit the black button, go back a little ways and there should be all the black and red doors open, head north east and then an opening and head south east to open a wall. You should be by a red door thats locked with ghosts gaurding that wall that opens, you’ll probably have to fight them a then open the wall and push the button to open the red door. Go under the red door to get the purple button, hit that button the go back a under the purple door. It’s right next to the red door.


Right after the purple door at another cross section in the hall there are some gaia brains, they are the only monsters that give any good experince. They’re just like the bats so just beat em up with regular attacks and they’re worth about 850 exp. Wind around the halls again and hit the gold button. Go back under the red door to the purple button and head north when the hall comes to a split head west shortly to an indent in the wall, it opens for a treasure. Go back and around the circle a little more to under the gold door.


Hit the green button. Go back to the red door and head south west then north west at a turn and then north east. You should be back by the first wall you opened and this time go under the green door to the stairs and go up. You can also go back to the elevator and back to the fourth floor then teleport to the first to get the save and recover. If you do the elevator stays active and all the doors you opened stay open.


Another fun part, more repetitive if any thing. The stairs lead up to the 9th floor which is a large circle. It has five or six hall ways all with trap doors near the begining of them. I fyou fall down them you go to the 8th floor which is a little maze with one way back up to the nineth. The eighth floor has a couple treasures, but nothing special, including a lot of monsters. I would just skip it. To get over the trap doors, just walk right up to the edge of the doors and let them open. The holes are really easy to see even before they open, a couple of them shake when you get near and the rest you can see the edges at a good angle.


Once they close you have quite a bit of time to run over them. All of the halls have some little treasure or monster, but no way out or up. To get to the next floor go to the hall to the south east and fall down the first hole you see. —- Just a quick warning though. Once you fall down this hole there is no way back to the other floors till you beat it. Make sure you brought a few resu potions or anyhting else that ressurects and some ultra drinks and blue or gold potions. If your low on magic I would definitly recommend getting back to the save and recovering, you will need all the magic you can get.—-


Once you fall down the hole there is only one way to go and no secret passages. On the 10th floor is the first of three bosses. They are all just like previous bosses except a bit more powerful. The first one is pretty easy, just take out the mace pretty quickly and pound away at the rest of him. There is a door to the right of the boss once you beat him same with the rest.


The 11th floor boss is like the mermaids fish thing and has very similar attacks. Stay away from him if possible and try to keep your characters apart. It has a couple of range attacks. The 12th floor boss is a bit hard and just like the squid in the ghost ship. Take care of the arms as quick as possible with attacks like thor cut or any large range magic attacks. The body heals itself automaticly so it makes it easy if you take out the arms first. If you used range attacks against the arms the body should be down to about 2 or 3 thousand and you can just use regular attacks. If your fast enough and constantly hit it, it’ll barely be able to attack.


After you beat it there is another red and black door that easily opens. Not sure why they even put it there, effect i guess. Once your outside don’t go up the stairs, go around the edges because there is some treasures. After you get those go on up to the middle and collect your rewards. Don’t use the teleport behind the big stand unless you feel like doing all that over again. There is an item stasher at the back of the platform with all the tresures and if you don’t have room make sure and stash a couple of items there. When your done getting what you want just use the teleport and if you didn’t get the zero weapons you can still go back through the original teleport to get them anytime you want.


Once you have left all of the doors shut and the monsters come back, except the bosses, so there’s really no need to return.


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