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FIFA 22 – Stuck At Loading Screen – Issue Fix


Fix For Getting Stuck At The Loading Screen

FIFA 22 players are experiencing a problem in which the game is stuck at an infinite loading screen.  You have a few options for dealing with this issue.


  • Any unnecessary USB item attached to your PC, such as wired controllers, has the potential to cause an endless loading screen problem.


  • Disconnect them until the game begins, then reconnect the controller to continue playing.


  • A poor internet connection might also cause this problem. Please note that restarting your PC, console, and modem can also help resolve this issue.


  • If this doesn’t work for you, go to C:\Users\Username\Documents\FIFA 22\settings and delete the “Settings” folder. This will reset all of the video and audio options you have adjusted, but this should get past the infinite loading screen. Note: “Username” depends on the name given during windows installation.


  • That is all you need to know to solve this problem. We hope you found this guide helpful.


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