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Farming Simulator 22 – How to Enable The Developer Console

Farming Simulator 22 - How to Enable The Developer Console

Follow these simple steps to enable the developer console in Farming Simulator 22.


1) Browse and open Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 2022


2) There, open the file “game.xml” with the Notepad.


3) At the very bottom, you will see <developer> line under it will be <controls>false change it to true.


Launch the Game. You can press F2 to see how much FPS you have.


You can type enableframeratelimit false to turn off the 60 FPS cap.


The console – which has two modes – is activated/toggled using the tilde key (link), which normally is placed to the left of the 1 key and above the Tab key. However, some keyboard-layouts may have it placed elsewhere.


The first mode of the console is reading mode. Note that the PageUp and PageDown keys will scroll up/down in the console lines.


The second mode is the command mode, where you can type in commands – among those the quit command, to quickly shutdown Farming Simulator if something went wrong when loading a map/mod.


Pressing the tilde key a third time closes the console.



Some Useful Console Commands

– q

– quit

– exit

– showFps < true | false >

– gsSetDayTime <hour>.<fraction>

– gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode

– gsDrawGuiHelper <false | decimal-value>

– gsSetFOV <integer-value>

– listResources


There are other console commands, which can be found by continuously pressing the Tab key.


For the development controls, some function-keys now toggles extra special rendering and/or texts on the screen: – F2 = FPS / frames-per-second display – F4 = wireframe mode – F5 = two modes; a) Collision-/Trigger-/Wheels-wireframes and b) Light-wireframes – F8 = several technical statistics texts


When gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode is enabled, use the following letter keys:


J = enable/disable “flight” of avatar.


Q / E = increase/decrease “flight” (hover) of avatar when NOT in a vehicle. Hold SHIFT for faster movement.


O = hide/show HUD, which includes; helpbox, clock and panel-bars for vehicle/money.


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