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Deliver Us Mars PC Controls and Key Bindings

Deliver Us Mars: Beautiful Sunset

When you look up at the stars, do you ever imagine that you’re on a spaceship, being flown into a completely new place, far away from what you’ve known your entire life? No? Just me? Ok. Either way, there is no doubt that outer space continues to fascinate us with its mystery and vastness, which makes games like Deliver Us Mars so incredible to play.


Deliver Us Mars is the sequel to Deliver Us the Moon, and it continues the same thoughtful, narrative-driven, adventure gameplay that made that first game an instant classic. This time, young astronaut Kathy Johnson is on a mission to reclaim stolen ARK colony ships from a mysterious, enigmatic faction. Whether or not Kathy is able to complete this mission and save the human race from oblivion is entirely up to you. No pressure!


When the survival of the entire human race is placed squarely on your shoulders, it’s kind of important that you know all the moves you can make, and make them exactly when you need to. If you’re already buckling under the pressure of the importance of this mission, you came to the right place.


With this keyboard controls guide for Deliver Us Mars, you will be able to easily reference what each button does when you need it the most. Don’t risk slipping up because you aren’t sure what your options are, either take notes or keep this guide open so you can peek at it when you need to.



Keyboard Controls

  • Jump: Spacebar


  • Interact: F


  • Sprint: Left Shift


  • Zoom In: Mouse Wheel Up


  • Zoom Out: Mouse Wheel Down


  • Flashlight: R


  • Back: F


  • Pause Menu: Escape


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Crouch: Left Ctrl


  • Context-Dependent Action: Left Mouse Button


  • Control ASE: C


  • Zero-G Rotate Left: Q


  • Zero-G Rotate Right: E


  • Display Objective: T


  • Read: R


  • Menu Back: TAB


  • Rover Handbrake: Spacebar


  • AYLA Speed Boost: Left Shift


  • Toggle: T


  • Walk: Left Alt


  • Retarget Splitter Upper Beam: R


  • Retarget Splitter Lower Beam: C


  • Left Pickaxe: Left Mouse Button


  • Right Pickaxe: Right Mouse Button


  • Skip Cinematic: Spacebar


  • Astro Tool: Tab


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