Death Trash Cheats - MGW

Death Trash Cheats

Death Trash Cheats

While playing the game, press Shift+F10 to display the console window. Select one of the following cheats and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.



Common Commands


  • Invulnerable – Makes you Invincible


  • Remove Invulnerable


  • Unstuck – Character Unstuck


  • Item


  • Despawn Companions


  • Endless Focus Energy


  • Level Hub


  • Ammo


  • Companion


  • Crafting Supplies


  • Disable Combat Mode


  • Kill Them all Brutal


  • Enable Combat Mode


  • Reset Visual Customization


  • Level Up to Max


  • Look At me


  • Let Puke



In-game Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be enabled by using the Console Command Enable Debug Commands


  • F7 – Toggle Showing Hitboxes


  • F8 – Toggle Slow Motion Time (Set slow motion speed through the console: Set Slow Motion Time Scale


Death Trash Cheats


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