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Death Stranding – Where to find Conan O’ Brien and the otter hood

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Where to find Conan O’ Brien

Death Stranding is littered with cameos from Hideo Kojima’s showbiz pals, from Geoff Keighley to Edgar Wright, but one of the most useful, in terms of the equipment he gives you, is talk show host Conan O’Brien. O’Brien is one of the most difficult celebs to find as he’s not part of the main story quest. In order to meet him wait until Chapter 3 and make sure you do the side mission involving a cosplayer, then head to the prepper station halfway between South Knot City and the Weather Station. When you eventually meet the Wandering MC you’ll find he’s played by Conan O’Brien and for some reason he wants to regale you with facts about otters (we assume that’s some kind of inside joke if you watch his chat show, but don’t ask us). Once he’s finished the Wandering MC will eventually give you an Otter Hood, which is the only way you can obtain the item. It looks completely stupid if you wear it but it makes it much easier to swim and recover yourself when you fall in deep water. Which is nice.


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