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Death Stranding – How to Get The Secret Otter Hat (Conan O’Brien Easter Egg)

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How to Get The Secret Otter Hat (Conan O’Brien Easter Egg)

You can find Conan at the Cosplayer facility in the Central Region. Conan will tell you some info and jokes about otters and give you the Otter Hat. It allows you to paddle like an otter in rivers. Complete the following steps to find Conan:


1. Accept Order No. 37 for Sam — Sewing Kit Delivery: Cosplayer. It can be found after Order 38 at a random terminal in the Central Region. The quest is usually at “South Knot City” or “Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City”. If it is not there, check the terminals at other facilities or sleep in the private room. The starting location changes as time progresses.


2. Deliver the cargo to the Cosplayer to find Conan O’Brien. You meet Conan after talking to the Cosplayer. He tells you some jokes about otters and gives you an Otter Hat.


3. You can equip Conan’s Otter Hat from the inventory (press Up). While in water, you will have more control and can paddle quicker left and right and even do barrel rolls.


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