Controls for MULLET MAD JACK - MGW

Controls for MULLET MAD JACK

Controls for MULLET MAD JACK

Check out this handy guide for all the basic keyboard and Xbox controller commands for MULLET MAD JACK. It’s pretty simple to get the hang of, but just in case you need a quick reminder, keep this guide bookmarked. It’s your go-to refresher whenever you need it!!



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls & Keybinds

  • Fire Weapon: [MOUSE 1], [LEFT CONTROL]


  • Dash / Kick / Use Item: [MOUSE 2], [LEFT ALT]


  • Reload / Throw Katana: [R]


  • Just Dash (no item use): [LEFT SHIFT]


  • Upgrades Window: [TAB]


  • Jump: [SPACE]


  • Forward: [W], [UP ARROW]


  • Backward: [S], [DOWN ARROW]


  • Left: [A], [LEFT ARROW]


  • Right: [D], [RIGHT ARROW]


  • The Dash Button has multiple functions. It can [DASH] in all sides, but also [KICK] enemies and [FINISH] enemies in case you have a special item.


Controls for MULLET MAD JACK



Xbox Controller Bindings

Controls for MULLET MAD JACK


  • RT: Fire Weapon


  • RB: Fire Weapon


  • LT: Dash / Kick / Use Item


  • X: Reload / Throw Katana


  • LB: None


  • View Button: Upgrades Window


  • A: Jump


  • Left Analog Stick Up: Forward


  • Left Analog Stick Down: Backward


  • Left Analog Stick Left: Left


  • Left Analog Stick Right: Right


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