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Charlie Murder PC Gamepad Controls

Charlie Murder PC Gamepad Controls

Gamepad controls for the PC version of Charlie Murder are as follows:



PC Gamepad Controls

A — Jump


— Punch / Shoot / Pickup / Throw (Contextual such as weapon without ammo)


— Kick (Throw weapon when jumping)


— Grab (Additional Grab skill(s) when acquired)


Left Stick & Right Stick. Prompted to revive teammate in multi-player.


D-Pad Down — CAMERA

The camera is for taking pictures of items in the environment that net your free loot, social media followers (XP), or cash. Mostly UPC symbols so you’ll need to look closely through an item that sticks out in the environment, take a picture and you may be rewarded.


D-Pad Left — REVELER — Skills and Level points allocation but only one of will show at a time.


If skills are not listed it’s only because you have no skill points to spend. If you cannot see your Attributes it’s because you need to spend any skill point(s). To spend skill points you are given a choice between several and when all used you see your attributes. Not all attribute points need to be spent at once.


D-Pad Right — EMAIL — Your Inbox. Email messages serve as a metaphor for game instructions.


D-Pad Up — — Social Media Followers used as a metaphor for XP. The more followers the more gained experience.


Right Trigger — ANAR-CHI — A super skill of sorts and of which you obtain as you progress with the opportunity to map four to your ABXY buttons and usable while holding Right Trigger and a button. Holding the Right Trigger by itself will show you the readiness of each skill or the degree of cooldown (which can be temporarily lowered with a cool-down pet using the left bumper).


Left Trigger + Left Stick — Dodge or Roll. Hold to the chain.


Left Trigger — Block. If timed correctly you will be prompted to execute ANAR-CHI.


Left Bumper — Activate a cool-down item. These are animals that facilitate the activation of super skills activated with the Right Trigger and A, B, X, or Y.


Right Bumper — Activate the next item shown on the upper left screen.

An item that gives health or attribute points. Beer for one can be brewed from ingredients picked up during the game. Specifically mashed and fermented. Attribute points obtained from such items are permanent. If you’re looking at an item with that says 0-Strength 100HP it means that you cannot level the Strength attribute at this moment in time and gain 100 health.


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