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Breathedge PC Console Commands

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While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window.



PC Console Commands

Modify motion blur mode:

r_MotionBlur 0

This option can be found in the Graphics settings. However, it can be changed manually. Set the integer to 0 to disable motion blur, set it to 1 for camera blur, and 2 for object blur.



Disable HUD:

g_showHUD 0

To disable HUD, set the integer to 0, to enable set it to 1.



Modify gravity:

p_gravity_z -13

The default value is -13.



Modify FOV:

cl_fov 60

The default value is 60. We recommend 90-100 for maximum experience without a lot of model clipping or unintentional texture glitches.



Quit to desktop:


This command is just the letter q.



Show FPS:

stat fps



Modifies the display gamma level:

GAMMA [value]



Modify anti-aliasing mode:

r_antialiasingmode 0

Default value is 0, can be changed to 1 for SMAA 1x, 2 for SMAA 1TX, 3 for SMAA 2x. This will adversely affect performance. These options can also be found in the Advanced Graphics options.



Disable VSync:

r_vsync 0

Use this to disable VSync to potentially increase performance. It is important to note that disabling this will allow screen tearing to occur. Set the integer to 0 to disable VSync, and 1 to re-enable it.


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