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Beyond The Wire Console Commands

Beyond The Wire Console Commands

While playing the game, press ”tilde ~” (between the Tab and ESC keys) to display the console window. When the console is open, type the following commands.



Console Commands

Command – Effect

ChangeTeams – Change teams to the other side


ChangeTeamsWithId – Change teams to the specified team number, zero changes to the other side


ChatToAll – Chat to everyone


ChatToTeam – Chat only to same team


ChatToSquad – Chat only to same squad


CreateRallyPoint – Drop a rally point for squad members to spawn from


CreateSquad – Request the creation of a squad, specifying the name


DisableUI – Removes the UI components from the screen


DisconnectToMenu – Disconnects from server


GiveUp – Die and give up being wounded


HighResShot <Resolution/Multiplier> – Take a screen shot, e.g., “HighResShot 3840×2160” or “HighResShot 4” and places the file in:C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\WireGame\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor


JoinSquadWithName – Join a squad on our team with the following name


JoinSquadWithId – Join a squad on our team with the following id


LeaveSquad – Leave the squad we are currently in


ListCommands <1>|<0> – Prints out the information for all commands in the game.


ListPermittedCommands <1>|<0> – Prints out the information for all commands the player is currently permitted to execute.


ListPlayers – List player ids with associated player name and SteamId


ListSquads – List Squads by their Index numbers


r.setres – Change screen resolution, “r.setres 1920×1080”


Respawn – Causes the player to respawn


RecordHeatmap – Takes a resolution in meters a heatmap of stat data for the map, requires stat unit to be turned on


SetHudWidgetsEnabled <1>|<0> – Sets visibility of all widgets on the HUD


ShowCommandInfo – Prints out the details of a particular command


ShowNextMap – Ask the server what the next map is


SLInviteMember – Invite a member to your squad, the name can be partial


stat FPS – Draw frame rate on screen


stat Unit – Draws game, draw, and gpu times on screen


stat UnitGraph – Draws game, draw, and gpu times with an on-screen time graph


TraceViewToggle – Runs a trace from center of screen out to any objects and displays information about that object


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