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BlazBlue Entropy Effect – Kokonoe Build Guide

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide

Do you like guns, more guns and even more guns?? If yes, then you’ll surely love Kokonoe. She has an arsenal of weapons that’ll let you rain hell on your foes. Missile launchers, check. Laser strikes from outer space, check. Massive gauntlet hands, check. Explosive barrels, check. Her firepower is unparalleled in the game and if built correctly, you can blast enemies into oblivion before they realize what hit them–let’s take a peek at what this half-beastkin has to offer…



Kokonoe Skills and Abilities Breakdown


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide




BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide




Most characters in the BlazBlue franchise usually grant utility/status abilities as you upgrade a single potential. However, Kokonoe’s potential almost always grants more attacks and raw damage the more you level them up. I even defeated bosses before they got 10 attacks off. Her DPS is crazy, as you’ll realize after going through the list of her potentials.



Attack (6/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


I always pick the first level, as it boosts her overall damage. The remaining two are choice picks. Slowing enemies isn’t useful, as her attacks have a massive hitbox. Moreover; I move around a lot and pepper the enemy with attacks from every direction. The super armor is also wasted on her as I focus on damage rather than defense.



Jump (8/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


This potential is a must pick for me because I deal damage to enemies without any extra cost. Moreover, the fire offers decent cc on weak enemies and the overall damage adds up during prolonged fights.



Armament No. 11.1 (10/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


This is one of the most devastating attacks in the entire game… I’ve won entire runs by focusing my build around this potential. Every upgrade of this potential is useful. It breaks defense, lets you wander off while the skill is being cast, & once you have it maxed out, you can even fire lasers for additional damage. No matter what you’re building, always pick this potential if you come across it.



Armament No. 6 (7/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


Too many times I have accidentally teleported myself into the gaping maws of an incoming enemy attack. I prefer linear movement, but I am gradually warming up to this potential. The trick to using this potential is practice. If executed correctly, I am able to dodge any enemy attack. The tricky part lies in gauging the teleportation distance, which I am sure will improve over time.



Armament No. 2 (9.5/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


The reason why I am deducting half a point is because the laser pillar is only summoned in an open field. It doesn’t appear if you’re in an enclosed space. The rest of the kit is perfect. Punches deal high damage and also cc enemies for better area control. In higher entropies, I always reroll for this potential because it’s really that powerful.



Armament No. 5 (4/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


I have never used this ability before, simply because the discharges stop a few feet from the location from where it originates. Although you can set up multiples of them, not being able to guess the total travel distance is a disadvantage. Moreover, enemies can simply move out of the hitbox, rendering the attack useless. I avoid this potential like the plague, but if you’re able to make it work, please leave us tips in the comments below…



Armament No. 5EE (5/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


The only redeeming quality of this potential is that it seeks out enemies. I would pick it up if it homed in on enemy locations automatically and didn’t require an extra upgrade to unlock the feature. But sadly, that’s not the case. I can hit the enemy 3-4 times by the time the first pillar reaches them. The cc is good, but the inherent slow nature of the ability prevents me from choosing it, especially in higher entropies.



Armament No. 8EE (6.5/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


The SP ability is a classical anime skill and I love it. The damage is nice and it pretty much covers the entire stage. Moreover unleashing a missile barrage on your enemies is the ultimate god like experience in my opinion. But it’s not build-defining, as it takes a while to gather enough SP to launch a second attack. This is a flavor pick and I usually go for this one once I have a completed build.



Universal Enhancement (5/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Kokonoe Build Guide


I don’t like the random nature of this potential. Components spawn randomly and though detonating them deals significant damage, I don’t trust the random attacks. Moreover, the build takes a long time to come online and even then it’s mediocre at best. There are better and more powerful alternatives in her kit that you should upgrade rather than this one.


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