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BlazBlue Entropy Effect – Hakumen Build Guide

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Hakumen Build Guide

Given how the game transforms into a literal bullet hell in higher entropies, mobility is an outright necessity… You’d think that creating a slow character in such a fast paced gameplay loop would definitely end in failure, but luckily that’s not the case. Hakumen is a remarkable character in the game and when built correctly, he can steamroll the enemy into oblivion with his blinks and devastating slashing attacks.


In this in-depth guide, we’ll be discussing all of his potentials, so you know which combinations synergize well and which ones to pick if you want to reach the high entropy late games.



Hakumen: Skills & Abilities Breakdown


Kokuujin: Yukikaze


Takes a blocking stance. Blinks upon blocking an attack.




Battle Hardened


Gain Super Armor upon taking or blocking a hit.




Potentials are abilities that you unlock as the game progresses. They are like evolutions and each character has a different set of potentials that affect their playstyles. Here is a list of all potentials for Hakumen.



Kandachi (5/10)



A sub-par potential that transitions into quick attacks at the end of a jump or dash. Although it grants you super armor, there are better alternatives that not only grant the armor but mobility as well.



Jump (7/10)

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Hakumen Build Guide


Jump-based potentials aren’t the most powerful, but they do offer versatility to your playstyle. Not only does it let you recover quickly, but the Hotaru is a great combo starter that lets you swiftly transition into other attacks seamlessly…



Isaha (9/10)



Isaha is a key combo piece and is a must-have potential should you come across it during the game. It not only lets you travel further and quicker with every dash but also grants you an extra dash with more Invincibility frames. This is a must-pick potential if you want to make it to the late game.



Kokuujin: Yukikaze (10/10)

Kokuujin: Yukikaze is your bread and butter when it comes to dealing with late-game mobs. Gaining the ability to Blink 3 times in a row may seem underrated compared to some of the other flashy moves on the table, but it offers a consistent way to deal damage without taking any hits yourself.


Kokuujin Yukikaze



Zantetsu / Kandachi (6/10)

The powered up slash is a key damage-dealing attack in Hakumen’s kit and being able to execute it without the wind-up phase is quite beneficial.


Zantetsu Kandachi



Yanagi (5/10)



It’s a nice move, but when it comes to dash-based attacks, Kokuujin: Yukikaze is a better alternative.



Shiden (10/10)



The Shiden is an alternative to the Kokuujin: Yukikaze, although not as powerful. The mobility offered by Shiden is crucial considering how bad Hakumen is when it comes to mobility. The attack reset is an advanced tech & you won’t be able to pull it off constantly unless you have some experience with him.



Kokuujin: Shippu (4/10)

Kokuujin Shippu


Flashy attacks like these look good on paper, but when it comes to actual gameplay, you’re better off with tried and tested potentials. The Kokuujin: Shippu is a powerful move, but it locks you in place and makes you vulnerable to enemy fire. In high entropies, one hit can chunk 10-20% of your HP, which means mobility is the key when it comes to finishing your runs. So prioritizing potentials that either have bonus movement or super armor is a safer bet.



Kokuujin: Jinrai (3/10)

Kokuujin Jinrai


The Jinrai is like an ultimate move that does significant damage to enemies. However you do need to be efficient at blocking enemy fire in order to use this consistently. It’s not a bad move but in most cases, you’d have already finished the enemy even before you had a chance to use Jinrai. Moreover, it doesn’t offer any passive abilities which means there is no incentive to pick this over other potentials that proc/activate with every attack or dash.



Universal Enhancement (7/10)

Universal Enhancement


A must have potential in every super armor build. Even if you’re not running one, the flat defense bonus could help you survive some late game hits while maintaining a respectable HP for the ultimate boss fights.


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