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BlazBlue Entropy Effect – Es Build Guide

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide

Es is an emotionless wrecking ball. Entropy 60 is no joke, and I managed to get to the final boss with Es, something I haven’t done in a long time and with any other character. Not only is she mobile, but she also packs power behind every strike. Though the majority of it comes from the crests, once I managed to get a few potentials, I started covering the entire screen with crests. She’s fun, intuitive and, unlike others, has multiple powerful builds. Here is a deep dive into her kit.



Es’ Skills and Abilities Breakdown


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide




BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide




Attack (6.5/10)

Only the first upgrade is useful as I could weave it into my combos or use it as a combo starter. The second level up isn’t all that useful as it forced me to stand still and charge attacks. It’s a fun ability in low difficulties, but in high entropies, I needed to move all the time. Being stationary made me vulnerable. Although I was able to execute one or two charged attacks occasionally, it was never fully charged, which defeats the entire point of the skill.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Jump (4/10)

The second upgrade is the only viable option here as it lets me recover quickly once I am knocked down. The remaining two are decent abilities. They aren’t game-changing but they help in maintaining combo counters. I usually avoid them though.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Dash (6.5/10)

Although this isn’t my go-to potential, there are many who base their entire build around the dash. More crests equal more damage, but I find other abilities (discussed later) generate more creasts and deal even more damage. Moreover, given how agile Es is, I quickly discovered that I rarely use the dash. The rest of her abilities take her all around the screen and there are other combos with the dash that are more useful. I only pick this after unlocking and upgrading her core potential.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Crest Arts (7/10)

The second upgrade is much more powerful and I always remember to pick it up. Not only does it pierce enemies but also deals a ton of damage, way more than the spinning crest version.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Type: Assaulter “Tristan” (6/10)

I find this a bit hard to land. The attack is flashy and it feels satisfying to land the third massive hit. But it’s a high skill and difficult to set up. The hitbox is small and I have to position her exactly on top of the enemy. If she’s off by a few pixels, she simply slams down. A good foundation in positioning and movement skills is required to execute this consistently.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Type: Assaulter “Mordred” (10/10)

I always pick this potential because it’s a great combo starter and also grants me iframes for a short while. The inbuilt CC is also great as I get to fling enemies in the air and poke them with crests. The last upgrade transforms iframes into Dodge Invincibility. This means I can safely spam the attack without the fear of getting hit by the enemy. I am still experimenting with the third and fourth upgrades, but if executed correctly, it lets me execute airborne combos infinitely, making this one of the best high-skilled potentials in the game.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Type: Assaulter “Gawain” (10/10)

This is possibly my favorite attack in the entire game. Whenever I am in a pickle and mess up my combos, I simply spam Gawain. The attack hits hard, has CC, and does AOE damage. The later upgrade increases the AOE effect and pulls enemies closer. There were times where I kept spamming the attack throughout the entire stage. Although I got impaled, burned, and singed by the occasional trap, spamming this attack is simply too much fun.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Type: Assaulter “Galahad” (9/10)

I prefer spending MP on her skills, but the Galahad is also a strong competitor. It’s a matter of personal preference really. The blink seems much cooler as I get to do it in slow motion. It’s a great combo starter as it takes me closer to the enemies, knocks them down, and sets them perfectly for more attacks.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Type: Assaulter “Bedivere” (4/10)

I have never picked this, nor do I recommend it. There are way better options than a single ‘diagonal slash”. Avoid this at all costs.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide



Universal Enhancement (10/10)

The third upgrade is a must-have for Es. It greatly boosts her damage and CC potential as she generates more crests with each strike. It’s one of the most powerful universal enhancements in the entire game. As for the remaining upgrades, over-exhausting MP isn’t all that useful, but I do see the potential in the last two upgrades. Although my mastery of her is limited, I assume being able to execute any move while airborne can turn her into a killing machine in the right hands.


BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Es Build Guide


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