American Fugitive – How to Find Every Hidden Stash


How to Find Every Hidden Stash (No Stone Left Unturned Achievement)

Stashes are the game’s main collectibles. Every stash has a set cash amount inside and will give you an upgrade point when you find one, making it an ideal way to save up for perks. This achievement works in conjunction with “Art Dealer” as several places have paintings stored in a safe along with stashes or are found in the same area. Use both maps together in order to be most efficient. It is once again stressed how important Metal Detector is for this perk as it helps immensely in charting out what you have already completed if you didn’t note it down. It also starts beeping just by driving past a house with a stash inside, making it an ideal tool to help you remember when to check the maps. Also note, every stash that requires a shovel will be noted in parentheses.


Recommended perks: Metal detector, Burglar’s instinct, Restrainer, Intimidation, Invader


Area 1

The following is each hidden stash for area 1 and how to get them:

1. St boadle’s church – Sanctum

2. Inside cemetery – Grave name: Bobbie Jean Tractor (Shovel)

3. Middle of the puddle (shovel)

4. Car dealership – underneath the pickup truck (Need to steal/move the car and a shovel)

5. Quarry – between two piles of rocks on the right side (shovel)

6. Quarry – in the outbuilding right next to the time trial marker

7. Dwayne’s compound – Between 4 sets of tires on the left side (shovel)

8. The Old Post Office – In the bunker on the west side of the house, outside. Code: 1213

9. Capital Gains – Underneath the clothesline behind the house

10. Cliffview – Living room. There’s a safe. Code: 0513

11. General store – In the office

12. By the flaming barrel, 3 steps south and a bit to the right (shovel)

13. Gas station in front of the art dealer – Stockroom

14. Between the container and the tent (shovel)

15. Canny Valley – Study. Code: 5439

16. Four winds – Living room. Code: 5555

17. Four winds – Visible behind the house by the wooden structure

18. Small Farm – Bunker south of the house, against the wall. Code: 1978

19. Trailer/Crusher – Underneath the jefferson car. (shovel)

20. Dun Struglin – Bunker by the fence next to the road. Code: 1976

21. Behind the pawn shop – Partly hidden by the grass where thedrainage pipe is

22. Supply store – Stockroom

23. Northern Entrance to Ana’s house. Dirt patch right by the wooden box and misc garbage (shovel)

24. School house – In the study

25. Mon Repos – Bedroom safe – Code: 3990

26. Garbage disposal – Dirt patch right by the place where the train tracks stop. (shovel)

27. To the left of the bridge sitting out in the open by some rocks

28. Pharmacy – Office

29. Valetta – Behind the tool shed in a dirt patch (shovel)

30. Out in the open, a bit south of the river

31. The barrow – Right beside the house in a dirt patch

32. Sitting hidden behind a tree, a bit to the right of where the drainage pipe is

33. 14 Cliffside trailer park – Living area. Inside a safe. Code: 8462


Area 2

The following is each hidden stash for area 2 and how to get them:

34. Beneath the billboard under a dirt patch (shovel)

35. Bunker out in the open. Code: 2345

36. Cemetery – Outbuilding – Code: 3434

37. Cemetery – Behind the outbuilding in a dirt patch (shovel)

38. The docks – Behind some containers in the open

39. Between the two rightmost silos, sitting underneath the classic van

40. Inside the camp – To the right of the northernmost mess hall there’s a tree. The stash is covered by that tree (shovel)

41. Inside the camp – In the middle of the lake. There’s a jump on the south side that will bring you here if you complete it (shovel)

42. Outdoor supplies – Office – the bottom room on the right side

43. Northside – Living room in a safe. Code: 8175

44. Stadium – Behind one of the bleachers (shovel)

45. Train station – Go into the «maze» of containers and you’ll find a dirt patch on the right side (shovel)

46. Docks – Outbuilding – Inside the left office

47. Train station, just inside the fence beside some containers

48. Clothes shop – bathroom

49. Behind the clothes shop in a bunker. Code: 1980

50. Dirt road to the left of police station, when it splits, take the path closest to police station and look on the left side for a dirt patch (shovel)

51. Moorely Residence – Safe in the bathroom. Code: 7575

52. The park. Bunker in top left corner. Code: 0728

53. General store – Right office

54. Cafë – Right outside of the shop in plain view

55. Donut store – the basketball court to the right of the store, behind the bleacher closest to the store

56. Right by the fishing pier on its right side. Dirt patch is behind 4 wooden logs (shovel)

57. Dirt patch a few steps north of the rightmost cactus, where the leaves of the tree end (shovel)

58. Redyard – Next to the tool shed in the backyard. (shovel)

59. Redyard – Bedroom. Code: 1204

60. Cornerstone – Tool shed behind the house

61. Behind an abandoned flatbed truck (shovel)

62. Sycarmore corner – Safe in hallway. Code: 9111

63. Trackside – In the bedroom

64. Stadium – Next to the flatbed truck, near the passenger sidesitting out in the open

65. Outside 20a Palm Wells (the fenced in trailers in the middle of the area)– Dirt patch right by the entrance (shovel)

66. 8 palm wells (wooden cabin on east side) – in the kitchen


Area 3

The following is each hidden stash for area 3 and how to get them:

67. Between the fence and the trees (shovel)

68. Bunker by train tracks. Code: 1234

69. Riley House – Bedroom in the safe. Code: 5061

70. Riley house – Right side of the abandoned car, hidden behind trees

71. Bunker at the end of a farm, by the fence. Code: 5495

72. Dirt patch under the tree in the corn field

73. Between two trees by the wooden stables

74. Next to the bodyshop in the open

75. Shrubbery in the middle of the field, on the south side in a dirt patch (shovel)

76. Longfield Farm – Kitchen safe. Code: 2056

77. Underneath the sign for the gas station in a bunker. Code: 0000

78. Donut store – rob the owner and find the stash in the kitchen

79. Police station – By the entrance there’s a small memorial with an american flag. The dirt patch is right next to the bush to the left of the flag

80. Right behind/underneath the billboard (shovel)

81. Eastcliff lodge – In the bedroom

82. The bushes next to the fence, a few steps down from the jump

83. Right by the train tracks, a few steps above the cactus and tothe left of the train statue

84. A Few steps north of a group of cacti. Just go behind the bar and follow the wall north

85. Supply store – stockroom

86. To the right of the tree, behind and left of the outbuilding (shovel)

87. Right in front of the motel sign (shovel)

88. Backside of the motel by the trash

89. Motel room right above #88

90. Top cottage – Bathroom

91. Top Cottage – Bedroom in a safe. Code: 1981

92. Joe’s chapel – Next to the chapel, it’s under thesouthernmost flower pot on the right side

93. Next to a pile of rocks on the left side in a dirt patch. (shovel)

94. In the building area, there’s two outbuildings here and you want to enter the northernmost one. It’s in the right office

95. Mountainview – Kitchen

96. Junkyard – You have to use the crane to move the car closest to the outbuilding entrance. The stash is in a dirt pile underneath

97. Backyard by the tool shed

98. Backyard, inside the tool shed Code: 0002

99. The haven – Outbuilding. Safe code: 9876

100. The haven – Outside by the recycling container in the open


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