American Fugitive – How to Find and Sell All 20 Paintings


How to Find and Sell All 20 Paintings (Art Dealer Achievement)

Paintings are valuable items weighing 2 kg each and nets you $500 for each one you sell. This achievement coincides with “No Stone Left Unturned” as multiple houses and safes where a painting can be found will also have a stash in it. So make sure to use both maps to mark off the relevant stash number and painting as you go.


Also keep in mind that paintings are not tallied until you actually sell them at an art store. If you die or get arrested while carrying paintings, you will have to go get them again. Always sell off paintings as soon as you can in order to avoid marking off a painting only to forget it was never delivered due to death later.


Recommended Perk: Burglar’s Instinct

Area 1

The following is each painting for area 1 and how to get them:

1. General store – In the stockroom

2. Garbage dump – Outbuilding. In the office right side

3. Mon Repos – Bedroom – In a safe. Code: 3990

4. The motel. Southwest motel room, right inside the entrance.

5. Valetta – Inside the tool shed. Just kick it open and there it is.

6. 5 Cliffside trailer park – You steal it during a mission from Ana

7. Police station – Property storage – You’ll come here on a mission from Ana


Area 2

The following is each painting for area 2 and how to get them:

8. Rose Bush – Dining Room

9. Northside– Living room in a safe. Code: 8175

10. Bunker on the docks. Code: 2345

11. General store – In the bathroom

12. Allmine – Living room

13. The old station house – Tool shed to the right of the house.

14. 18 palm wells – In the bedroom


Area 3

The following is each painting for area 3 and how to get them:

15. Longfield farm – Kitchen safe. Code: 2056

16. General store – Rob the owner. Painting is in the kitchen

17. Eastcliff Lodge – In the bedroom

18. In a bunker by the tracks. Code: 1234

19. Top Cottage – bedroom in a safe. Code: 1981

20. The haven – Bathroom


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