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Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing – How can I make my car “looser”?

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How can I make my car “looser”?

The default setups in the Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing strike a balance between performance and drivability. If you want to make your car “looser,” so it slides more through the turns, try these options:


  • Turn your driving aids down or off: On the Options screen, select the Driving Aids tab. Set your Driving Aids Preset to “Hard” or “Expert”.


  • Choose a looser setup: On the at-track menu, press the “Change” button to edit your setup. Move the slider further to the right, towards Loose. Your driving aids must be set to “Hard” or higher to use this function.


Remember: these techniques will make your car looser and slide through the turns more easily, but they also may make it harder to drive! Be careful with your settings, and try to find your own balance between performance and control.


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