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Need For Speed Heat – Night Underground Racing

Need For Speed Heat - Night Underground Racing

Underground racing is an illegal racing competition that can be entered at night. As an illicit form of racing, players can earn rep to level up their avatar.


Racing during the night will attract the attention of a rogue police task force that patrols the streets of Palm City. They’re tasked with shutting down street racing in Palm City, which can lead players to risk their earned rep against the police or lose their earnings in handcuffs.


Driving at night will result in the player being noticed by the PCPD’s task force and will result in their vehicle being allocated a heat level. Reaching higher heat levels from engaging with the police will act as a multiplier for earned rep during the current night session, and can only be earned by reaching a safehouse or owned garage.


Being busted by the PCPD will end the player’s current night session and they will only be rewarded their earned rep without any multiplier.


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