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Tales Of Glory: Skills

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List of Skills

  • Strength: Increasing strength will allow you to gain access to heavier armors


  • Stamina: Increasing Stamina will raise your max stamina bar


  • One-hand: Increasing Onehand will give you access to better quality one-handed weapons


  • Two hand: Increasing Twohand will give you access to better quality two-handed weapons


  • Polearm: Increasing Polearm will give you access to better quality polearms


  • Archery: Increasing Archery will give you access to better quality Bows & Crossbows & larger Quivers


  • Throwing: Increasing Throwing will increase your precision when using javelin, throwing axes or daggers


  • Shield: Increasing Shield will give you access to better quality Shields


  • HorseRiding: Increasing HorseRiding will let you buy stronger/faster horses as well as horse armors


  • Leadership: Increasing Leadership will increase your max party size and recruit more soldiers


  • Strategy: Increasing Strategy will increase your movement speed on the campaign map and increase the distance at which you start to see details of other armies on the map (partial Fog of War). The strategy will also be taken into account to raise some diplomatic dialogs’ success rate.


  • Charisma: Increasing charisma will give you better prices in shops, a better success rate in many dialogs, and also increase the Relation points gained with an NPC when fulfilling missions for them


  • Luck: Increasing Luck will give you a better success rate in everything you try in the campaign (escaping an enemy, trying to convince a lord to join you, etc)


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