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Resident Evil Village Cheats

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Infinite Ammo

How To Get Infinite Ammo Weapons?

To get infinite ammo weapons you need to first complete the game, after that is complete you can replay the game but can buy infinite ammo weapons from the special store in-game. In order to do this though you need to complete certain records or play mercenary mode that cannot be done on your first playthrough.



How Do The Weapons Work?

The weapons work like any other gun but with no ammo limit, you will still need to reload your guns like normal. Using the special weapons can affect the ranking for your game and so if you want to get an s+ rank then using the unlimited ammo is not gonna work, they are for playing the game for fun to steamroll through enemies.



Unlimited Ammo Weapons List

A list of all the unlimited weapons you can collect in Resident Evil Village after you complete the game for the first time, these guns never run out of ammo.


  • Unlimited Handgun


  • Unlimited Shotgun (SPAS 12)


  • Unlimited SMG (Vz61)


  • Unlimited Assault Rifle (AK47U)



Secret Achievements & Trophies

This is the list of secret achievements & trophies and how to unlock them in Resident Evil Village. These achievements & trophies will not appear on your achievement & trophy list until you completed them.


Below you can find the secret achievements & trophies in Resident Evil Village:


  • Knives Out (70GS): Not including some boss fights, finish the story using nothing but close combat weapons.


  • Don’t Trust That Snake Oil (70GS): Finish the story only using four or fewer recovery items.


  • Timber (15GS): Defeat Uriaș during the first Lycan attack when you enter the village.


  • Goooaaal! (15GS): Move the ball from the Winterses’ bedroom into the study.


  • Iron Giant Down (15GS): Defeat the mutated Heisenberg.


  • The Root of the Matter (15GS): Find the Megamycete in the underground ruins.


  • Not Lycan This… (15GS): Survive the Lycan attack.


  • Four Lords (15GS): Escape the mine.


  • That Sucked! (15GS): Defeat the mutated Dimitrescu.


  • Got No Strings (15GS): Defeat Donna and Angie.


  • Fish Out of Water (15GS): Defeat the mutated Moreau.


  • Quit Hanging Around (15GS): Shoot down a Soldat hanging from the production line in the Factory.


  • Temporary Measures (15GS): Place the Giant’s Chalice in the ceremony site.


  • Up Urs! (15GS): Defeat Uriaș in the stronghold.


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