How to Enable & Disable Anti Aliasing in Resident Evil Village

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How to Enable & Disable Anti Aliasing

If you’re starting out with a game and you want to see everything it has to offer, then turn on your anti-aliasing. What anti-aliasing does is smooth out the jagged edges of images. Jaggedness equals aliasing, so by turning your anti-aliasing on, you get a smoother-looking game.


If you need more FPS you can easily disable Anti-Aliasing. Follow these simple steps to disable the anti-aliasing in Resident Evil Village.


  • Open \re8.exe in a hex editor (e.g. HxD).


  • Search for 8B 54 24 68 E8 96 26 B3 02 as hex.


  • Replace it with 33 D2 B2 04 E8 96 26 B3 02.


  • Save the changes.



– A game update will likely restore the files.


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