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Phoenotopia Awakening – The Oracle

Phoenotopia Awakening - The Oracle

Tips: Use Ctrl+F to quickly search about the keywords of the hint you have received “The Oracle is the in-game hint system that becomes accessible after you have acquired the final movement tool.”


“For a small service fee of 15 rin, she offers hints for the general locations of one of your yet-to-be-obtained Heart Rubies / Stamina Gems / Moostones.” She is located right above the entrance of the Daea city. “If the reward is part of a sidequest chain, the Oracle may hint at the earliest step of the chain that you have yet to complete, rather than the final location of where the collectible is. (Namely the sidequest chains for Bo and Ruby)”


Location Hint keywords
(overworld encounter) wander the map
Panselo Village home village
Doki Forest the forest where thorny fruits grow
Anuri Temple ancient temple of amphibians
Sunflower Road giant flowers
South Castella Bridge a broken bridge that runs east and west
Rhodus Border where two kingdoms meet
Adar’s House the house of a humble bombmaker
Atai City lively desert city
Sand Drifts where sandstorms rage without end
Sand Drifts Ruins a sand-filled temple of worshipping statues
Forlorn Ruins a sand-filled temple of worshipping statues
Ouroboro Hideout where bandits congregate
Moonlight Ravine a beautiful, sunken valley
Kingdom’s Bridge a broken bridge that runs north and south
Antique Shop the avid collector of artifacts
GEO Club the jovial gathering of explorers
Lakeside Laboratory the laboratory of a short, eccentric scientist
Thomas’s Laboratory the laboratory of a tall, eccentric scientist
Daea City this fair city
Aqua Line the water channel of this fair city
Dungeons the dungeons below the royal towers
White Towers the royal towers
Subterra deep in the water channel… and deeper still…
Wheat Road the road that cuts through gold
Cosette where man and machine coexist
Royal Archives a deep tomb of knowledge
The First Wall the merry wall
Between the Walls between the walls of joy and sorrow
The Last Wall the weeping wall
Scorched Lands a deathly realm of metal and fire
Mul Caves a great bug-infested cave
Aurantia a vast orange forest
Terrulum a strange town of winged beings and green giants
Pristine City a metallic azure city
E.D.E.N an underwater research center


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