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Phoenotopia Awakening – Song Stone Puzzle Solutions Guide

Phoenotopia Awakening - Song Stone Puzzle Solutions Guide

This guide contains the solutions to Song Stones.




Key – Input

  • L – Left


  • R – Right


  • U – Up


  • D – Down


  • C – Center



Song Stone Puzzle Solutions

Location Hint Solution
Panselo GEO Base (1) (Sudoku) D R L C
Panselo GEO Base (2) (Sudoku) C D L U R
Panselo GEO Base (3) (Sudoku) R U D C L
Franway – Atai It’s literally written on the wall, come on U R D L C
Sand Drifts GEO Ruins The order is beneath the Song Stone.
Observe the notes with matching corners
Ouroboros’s Hideout The order is in the same room with a
shrine (where there is running water)
Kingdom Bridge (left) The order is written on the wall C U D C U D
Kingdom Bridge (above) The order is on a bridge L R C R L
Thomas’s Laboratory Input the notes in binary code, following the pattern on the notes D D D – U U U – U U U – D U U – U D D
Daea Kitchen The memo next to the door tells you how many notes are required in the same type of paper L L D C C U
Daea Library All six clues are within the Library D C D U L R D
Dungeon Terminal Room Find the difference between the two shelves. In the order of (top)->(middle)->(bottom) L U – C C C – D R
Wheat Road House The flowers are the answer U U R – C C D
Wheat Road Silo (Ghost Leg) From the top note, go straight down. If you see a branch, follow it instead U R L C C D
Cosette Village In the mayor’s diary, there is a mention of “doing his daily routine backwards” D U R L C D L U
Franway – Cosette The key for deciphering lies outside the building U C R L L U D R U
Royal Archive (1) (Sudoku) R D L C U
Royal Archive (2) (Sudoku, upper row -> lower row) U L R – L R C D U
Royal Archive (above) The order is in a room with a lot of Rail Sawers. Look for a bookshelf at the top R C U L D
Ancient GEO Base Each location corresponds to a note. Follow the order of George’s adventure L R C C D U
Pristine City The painting on the wall reveals the order, Try looking at it the right way. (v1.0.1) R L C – U C R – L R U
(v1.0.7) R L D – U D R – L R U


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