Mortal Shell Secret Achievements & Trophies Guide


Secret Achievements & Trophies 

There are 13 secret achievements & trophies:


Life is Suffering

Beat the game in obsidian dark form.


Bring the Glands Back to Me

Bring a gland to Dark Father.


The Good Times are Killing Me

Jam with a brigand.


Different Kinds of Grisha

Defeat all the different versions of Grisha.


Crossed the Threshold

Complete Mortal Shell.


Faded the Fire

Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.


Martyr’d the Martyr

Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.


Tragic Loss

Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.


Felled the Glandfather

Defeat The Unchained.


Nailed It

Kill two or more enemies with one shot from the balistazooka.


It’s A Me

Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.


The Nihilist

Renounce humankind.



Pet Vlas’s cat.



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