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Mortal Shell – How to Parry the Enemy Attacks

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How to Parry the Enemy Attacks

There are two different types of parry in Mortal Shell. One is Riposte which consumes Resolve while the other one is Perfect Parry. The buttons for both are the same and if you do not have any Resolve, you will perform Perfect Parry however it requires more precision than the Riposte. The Perfect Parry only stumbles the enemy however the Riposte not only staggers the enemy but it also opens them up for a special attack that will restore some of your health in the game.


Parry is a very useful mechanic in Mortal Shell however you have to first unlock this ability with story progression. When you reach Fullgrim Tower, go to its second floor and look for Old Prisoner who is the large character bound by chains. Go to it and interact with the icon and you will get an item called Tarnished Seal. This item will now unlock the ability to parry.


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