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Hidden Achievements

The Maiden Spellbound

Defeat the Collector of Stars on any difficulty


Just practice a lot and be careful of some of her spells. Remember that on the last spell you are supposed to hit her with Stun Wave to end it.



Stargazing Downward

Defeat the Heroes United on any difficulty.


This also requires a lot of practice and knowledge on how each spell works.



True Knight

Clear the Hero of Frost’s Adventure on Very Hard.


Retries don’t matter for this achievement, so just try your best! The biggest threats on this are some of the Sun priest’s and Stormbeast’s spells, which might require a bit of practice if you ever want to shoot for a No Continue clear.



Witch of High Status

Clear the Royal Arcanist’s Adventure on Very Hard.


The hardest part of this run is Stage 6, especially the last spell. Just be patient and practice it a lot until you get it!



Cloaked Assassin

Clear the Silent Redhood’s Adventure on Very Hard.


Be careful on Stage 4, since some spells might require fast movement, so don’t take your time charging too much lazzers on those. Also be careful on the last spell of stage 6, since that one requires you to damage the boss a lot before the time runs out.



Immortal Priestess

Clear the Sun Priestess’s Adventure on Very Hard.


Overall this story is really easy, just be careful at the last spell of stage 6, since it can overwhelm you pretty easily, don’t be shy to use your defensive special when you feel in trouble!



Get To Her

Clear The Maiden Spellbound on Very Hard.


Not much to say about this one, be extra careful, especially on The Eighth Eye and The Tenth Eye. Restarting if you loose cards on the early spells are encouraged.



Together Forever?

Clear Stargazing Downward on Very Hard.


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