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Little Nightmares 2 Cheats

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All Hat Locations

Hat #1 – Paper Bag

This Hat is the starting hat that you get right from the starting of the game. It is the Hat that Mono has already equipped when you begin the game.


Hat #2 – Mokujin Hat

This Hat can be bought as downloadable content from the store.


Hat #3 – Fur Hat

The Fur Hat is made of raccoon fur which can be found in the first chapter of the game called The Wilderness. The hat itself can be found inside the first house in this chapter. After you go past the kitchen in this house, continue down the hallway and then turn left towards an open room. The Hat will be on top of a mat, under the light above.


Hat #4 – Nome Hat

This Hat can be found in the attic of the house in the same first chapter and is a pretty tricky one to catch. When you find the key to the attic, you will find a small nome wearing the hat and scampering around trying to flee your grasp. All you have to do is follow him around, jump on things that he is hiding under to scare him. Eventually, the nome will lead you to this hat.


Hat #5 – Yellow Rain Hat

This Hat can be found in the first chapter, right after your first encounter with the first boss, The Hunter. After the boss, you will come to an area where you have to jump across a bridge. After you jump across the bridge, you will find small cages next to a tree, while another cage tied up from the tree will contain the hat.


Hat #6 – Football Hat

This hat can be found in the second chapter of the game called The School. The hat will be outside the main entrance of the school on the right side of the stairs leading inside the school. You can find it on top of the boxes next to the stairs.


Hat #7 – Metal Bucket Hat

The Metal Bucket Hat can be found inside the Library of The School, which comes after you face The Teacher boss. When you enter the library, go towards the shelf with the ladder, move the ladder to the right and climb up to get the hat in one of the spaces of the bookshelf.


Hat #8 – Bear Hat

This hat can be found in the third chapter of the game, The Hospital. The hat will be on top of a bookshelf in the room next to the X-Ray room. Simply climb up the bookshelf all the way to the top to get the hat.


Hat #9 – Mummy Hat

This hat can be found in the same Hospital, after the first encounter with the Doctor. The hat will be inside one of the body storage lockers.


Hat #10 – Postman Hat

This Hat can be found in Pale City, where it will be in the mailroom. Go to the left of the pile of letters and this will take you inside a small hole leading you to the postman hat. The hat is pretty easy to miss as it is placed in a very dark area.


Hat #11 – Baker Boy

This hat can be found in the toy store of Chapter 4, where it will be on top of the shelves on the top floor. Use the shopping cart to climb up the shelf and reach the hat.


Hat #12 – Cowboy Hat

This hat is obtained after you complete the final chapter of the game.



All Glitching Remains Locations

Chapter 1 – The Wilderness

There are 4 Glitching Remains in the first chapter of the game:


The first one can be found in the very first area of this chapter after you jump down the hole near the broken bridge. Instead of climbing up the wooden wall, continue down the dark path on the right which leads inside a cave. This will take you to the first Glitching Remains next to a shovel.


In the same area, after you have to go through a log, immediately turn left and enter the dark cave. This will take you to the second Glitching Remains.


The third one can be found in the outdoor toilet, behind the first house in this chapter. Enter the toiler and jump up the toilet seat to get it


The final collectible can be found near the sandy beach, close to the water. You can easily spot the shadowy figure on top next to a box-shaped object. It will be right in front, facing the illuminated door.



Chapter 2 – The School

This chapter contains 6 Glitching Remains:


The first one can be found on the third floor of the building, where Six jumped to after being lifted by the TV. Go up to the same TV hanging in the air by ropes, and you will find the Glitching Remains on the platform next to it


Go to the playground area of The School, and it will be next to a tricycle, far left from the main stairs entrance of the school.


After you go through the broken window of the door in the school, just before entering the classroom, open the fourth locker from the right to get the Glitching Remains inside.


From the main hall, head upstairs and to the left. The Glitch will be on the left at the edge sitting on the broken fence, next to a couple of bottles.


In the kitchen of the school, go to the left room with a body inside. Climb up and the Glitch will be on top of a white container type object.


In the alleyway outside after it starts raining. It will be in the small alley which has the white paper boat.



Chapter 3 – The Hospital

This chapter contains 4 Glitching Remains:


Go to the far end of the dark corridor near the room where you fought the hand. It will be next to the toy cart.


After the room with the hanging mannequins above, enter the room to the right with the shelves containing the hooked arms. The glitching remains will be at the far end.


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