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How to Aim Penalties in FIFA 22

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How to Aim Penalties in FIFA 22

Deciding where to aim your penalty shot is the first and most challenging part of scoring penalties in FIFA 22. Follow these simple steps;


  • Players with high penalty attribute ratings are better at aiming as their shot cursor moves slowly. To aim your penalty, use the left stick to select the target.


  • Because the analog sticks are highly sensitive, you should hold them in place once you’ve located the proper location – generally in the upper corner of the net. You can power up your penalty after you’ve got the stick in the right place. However, if you spend too much time attempting to aim, the player will only get a weak penalty along the center.


  • Timed finishing has also been added to FIFA 22’s penalties, allowing you to increase your accuracy by hitting the shot button at the time of impact. After you have initially powered up your shot, watch the animation of the player and ball rather than the power bars and press shoot when you see the player’s foot contact the ball.


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