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How to Aim Penalties in FIFA 22

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Determining where to aim your penalty shot is the initial and most difficult step in scoring penalties in FIFA 22. Here are some simple steps to follow:


  • Players with high penalty attribute ratings are better at aiming since their shot cursor moves more slowly. To aim your penalty, use the left stick to select the target.


  • The analog sticks are extremely sensitive, so once you’ve identified the right location – usually the upper corner of the net – you should hold the sticks in place. After positioning the stick correctly, you can power up your penalty. However, spending too much time aiming may result in a weak penalty aimed towards the center.


  • FIFA 22 has introduced timed finishing for penalties, which enhances your accuracy by pressing the shot button at the point of impact. After initially powering up your shot, focus on the player’s and ball’s animation instead of the power bars, pressing the shoot button as the player’s foot contacts the ball.


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