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FIFA 22: How to Aim Shots

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How to Aim Shots

The basic shot in FIFA 22 is performed by pressing the Circle Button (PS4 & PS5) or B button (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S). Press and hold this button until a meter appears at the bottom of the screen to shoot successfully. The longer you hold the shoot button, the higher the ball will fly and the harsher the shot will become. Remember that every player is different. Some will keep the shots low even after pressing the button for a while. You may also try a Finesse Shot, which will sacrifice some strength for a little more precision by pressing RB + B (Xbox) or R1 + Circle (PlayStation).


If you have trouble aiming in FIFA 22, you can also take advantage of the trainer feature in the game. The trainer allows you to see the height and direction of your shots while shooting with the arrow. Here you can get an idea of ​​how much and how little you want to push the Left Control Stick when changing your direction and the height of a shot.


The first consideration is the direction of your shot, and you can adjust with the left analog thumbstick. This may be difficult because you’re already using that stick to control your movement as you approach the target, but when you start shooting, move the analog stick just a little in the direction you desire, and you’ll gain an advantage. The ideal strategy in this scenario is to shoot for the goal’s edges because the goalkeeper will have to extend the furthest to stop such kicks, giving you the greatest chance of scoring. Although the in-game Trainer does not have mechanics chosen, the direction arrow should be on by default until you start messing with the options. This will show you both the direction left and right and up and down, which may significantly help you with the timing of your shots to achieve the best aim.


Timed Finishes in FIFA 22 work in the same way they did in previous games, which means they’re difficult to learn but very rewarding once you do. A well-executed timed finish could make your shot almost unstoppable. To execute a timed finish, press the Circle or B Button to fill up the power meter as you would for a normal shot. Then it would help if you kept an eye on the player’s animation to determine when they will strike the ball. To lock in the timed finish, press the Circle or B Button again at this point. You’ll get a green for completing the timed finish correctly.


That is all you need to know to aim shots in FIFA 22. If you have any suggestions to improve this guide, please leave a comment below.


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