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Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Controls

Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Over the past two decades many of us have wished that we could visit the magical locations featured in the Harry Potter films and books, and now we can. Thanks to Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy, the entirety of the wizarding world can be explored while you take classes, meet your fellow students and learn dozens of powerful spells.


Hogwarts Legacy brings the world of Harry Potter to life, complete with all of the creatures, characters and places you’ve come to know and love. And, because of the high degree of interactivity and customizability, you have a ton of control over what your created character says and does at any given moment.


And when you’re in the heat of battle, you’re going to need to know exactly what to do. There are spells, dodge moves and other offensive/defensive maneuvers you’ll need to master if you want to make it to the end of this game, and thankfully there’s a way to know exactly which button does what.


With this handy control resource for Nintendo Switch! Keep this open while you play so you can quickly look over to reference it without missing a beat in the game.



Hogwarts Legacy: Joy-Con Grip Controls

  • Left Analog Stick: Movement


  • Right Analog Stick: Camera/Target Change/Up & Down (while on Broom)


  • L + R: Ancient Magic Cast. Requires filled Ancient Magic Meter.


  • ZR (Tap): Basic Attack (Flippendo)


  • ZR (Hold): Activate Spell Set


  • ZL: Aim (Hold)/Speed Burst (while on Broom)


  • L (Hold): Open Item/Tool Wheel


  • L (Tap): Consume (Quick Slot)


  • R: Ancient Magic Throw


  • ZR + A, B, X, Y: Uses the assigned slotted Spell of the current Spell Diamond


  • X (Tap): Deflect (Combat)


  • Hold X when prompted: Block and Stupefy/Counter-attack (Combat)


  • Y: Examine, Open, Talk, Use etc. (Interaction)


  • R3: Lock-On/Remove Target


  • L3: Swim Faster/Sprint


  • A: Dodge/Back (in Menus)/Dismount while on Broom or Flying Mount


  • B: Perform Jump/Accept (in Menus)


  • D-Pad Up: Track Quest Objectives


  • D-Pad Down: Heal


  • D-Pad Left: Cast Revelio


  • D-Pad Right: Switch Spell Diamonds


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