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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve Those Pesky Puzzle Doors


As you explore the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts, you’ll notice all kinds of things. There are magical paintings that only work when you use Lumos in front of them, flying keys that you have to smack into locks, and, most frustratingly, the mysterious doors with many symbols set in its archway. If you’ve ever interacted with these doors and attempted to solve their puzzles, you know that they go from mysterious to frustrating pretty quickly.


However, they don’t need to be frustrating. I’ve been playing the game for a few weeks now, and I’ve experimented with these doors quite a bit. These Arithmancy doors are actually not as complicated as they seem, but there is a trick to them. The good thing is, once you’ve figured out what that trick is, it can be applied to all doors of this type, so you don’t need to spend a bunch of time solving each door’s deal individually.


Are you playing Hogwarts Legacy? Have you seen these doors? Are YOU ready to pull your hair out trying to bust these bad boys open for the sweet goodies that exist inside? Then buckle up, because I’m about to reveal to you the fruits of weeks’ worth of trial and error.


I just hope you’re good at math.



What’s the deal with Arithmancy Doors?

Arithmancy Doors will always have an archway with ten different symbols, a magic chalkboard set in the middle of the door, and there will be either one or two different interactable wall panels that can display a portion of the symbols on the archway.



How Many Arithmancy Doors Are There?

As you explore, you might think there is an untenable number of these things, but there are actually only twelve in the entire game, so you won’t need to do this very many times if you’re shooting for that hundred percent completion.



Ok, How Do I Bust These Things Open?!?

Alright, alright, I’ll get into it. In order to open the Arithmancy Doors, you need to know the value of each symbol on the arch. There are ten of them, but don’t start counting at one. No, that’s what set me back HOURS. Start counting at the leftmost symbol, counting it as ZERO. This means that when you get to the Hydra on the opposite end, you should only be counting 9. Each of these symbols correlates to a fantastic beast from the Wizarding World, but it’s not really worth knowing which is which unless you’re a big ner-, er, I mean a big fan of Harry Potter.


Now, you’ll want to interact with the door to make the magic chalkboard display its riddle. This will always come in the form of a central number set in a circle, which is then set in a triangle. Two points of that triangle will have a number, except for one of them. This point marks the mystery number (or creature) that you’re trying to find.


Now, the goal is to add the two visible numbers on the triangle, and then see what number you need to reach the number in the center with addition. That’s not too bad, right? It’s actually pretty simple! I felt pretty silly when I cracked this, but it’s not immediately apparent what these doors are asking of you, so don’t feel bad.


This process is used for each door, and with this knowledge in hand, the most difficult thing you’ll have to do is locate the panels to input your answer!… no, I’m serious. Sometimes the panels are difficult to find. Usually, they are right next to the door or at least can be seen if you’re standing in front of it, but sometimes they will be a little ways off.


When this happens just remember that they will never be too far away. You won’t need to go to a completely different floor. You’ll be able to find it if you spend just a little time looking. I believe in you.



Cut the Crap, Give Me the Answers!

Ok, Ok, sheesh. I didn’t know this was going to be a magical hostage situation. There are twelve Arithmancy Doors, so here are all twelve solutions:


  • Divination Classroom rafters – 4, 3


  • Arithmancy Classroom #1 – 4, 5


  • Arithmancy Classroom #2 – 6, 1


  • Central Hall – 8, 3


  • Great Hall – 8, 3


  • Charms Classroom – 2, 7


  • Ravenclaw Tower – 4, 5


  • Grand Staircase – 6, 7


  • Lower Grand Staircase – 0, 5


  • North Hall – 6, 3


  • Long Gallery – 2, 1


  • Faculty Tower – 0, 9




With that, I have shared all of my knowledge on the subject of Arithmancy Doors that I possibly can. I hope you use this to enhance your Hogwarts Legacy experience, and that you use all of that fashionable gear to make either the coolest or silliest-looking wizard in all of the Wizarding World!


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