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Haven – PS4 & PS5 Controls

Haven – PS4 & PS5 Controls

The image shows you exactly what the key bindings for the PS4 & PS5 controller are. You can customize the key bindings in the options menu.



Control Scheme




PlayStation Controls


  • L2: Drift


  • L1: Fast forward


  • Options Button: Pause menu


  • Touchpad: Change character, Stop coop


  • Left Stick: Move


  • R2: Glide


  • R1: Inventory


  • Triangle: Radar


  • Circle: Cancel


  • Square: Flowburst


  • X: Interact / Throw


  • Right Stick: Camera




  • L2: Charge


  • L1: Rush mode


  • D-pad Buttons: Pacify, Impact, Blast, Shield / Help


  • Options Button: Pause menu


  • Triangle: Pacify


  • Circle: Impact


  • Square: Blast


  • X: Shield / Help


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