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Far Cry 6 – How to Use Photo Mode

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Far Cry 6 is a game with many beautiful locations, and you may often want to take a nice photo that won’t be just another screenshot from the game. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use Far Cry 6’s Photo Mode and options.


To use photo mode in Far Cry 6:


  • Open the in-game menu.


  • Select the System tab.


  • Choose the Photo Mode option.


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Given how incredibly realistic video-game graphics are now becoming and are set to become in the next generation of consoles, Photo Mode is an excellent way to explore and appreciate the incredible work that went into texturing and modeling characters and environments, rendering them in realtime. Below we have listed the key features of the photo mode:


  • Toggle between Studio Mode and Live Mode


  • Choose First of Third-person view


  • Adjust the Field of View


  • Hide or Show the player


  • Change the player’s pose and facial expression.


  • Edit the brightness and contrast


  • Choose the time of day.


  • Add or remove filters.


  • Add or remove logos or frames.


Photo mode is one of the breakout stars of this generation of gaming. Though it has technically been around for longer, a confluence of factors has created the perfect environment for photo mode to thriving on current consoles – factors like breathtaking graphics, cutting-edge technology, and the rise of social media.


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