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Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Genius Abilities Guide

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Genius Abilities

These are the abilities of each Genius.



  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Maximilian’s vicinity.


  • Train Faster! Instantly completes any minion training near Maximilian, very helpful when you need to quickly train up specialist minions to send to complete schemes or bolster the ranks of your muscle minions.


  • Large Work Force: Max earns gold at a higher rate than other Geniuses, and he starts with a few additional minions to get you kick-started.



Red Ivan

  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Red Ivan’s vicinity. This aura will also boost the combat ability of all minions nearby.


  • Old School: Ivan fires a rocket launcher at his enemies. Incredibly powerful, but collateral damage is guaranteed


  • Might Makes Right: Red Ivan gets a discount on all muscle minions, and all of your regular workers will get a damage boost too.




  • Work Harder! Jobs in Emma’s vicinity will be prioritized. Minions that are near Emma will have their spotting power increased, making them better at seeing through disguises.


  • Plotter: Using this will all Henchmen nearby to receive a buff, and reset their abilities. Excellent when you get a few more Henchmen and have to battle multiple Super Agents later on.


  • Spymaster: As a former Spymaster, Emma’s Deception minions are more efficient, needing to rest and eat less. She also finds it easier to counter the raise Heat on the world map.




  • Work Harder! Orders minions to prioritize jobs in Zalika’s immediate area. Science minions will receive a better boost than others.


  • Repair: Immediately repairs all items and extinguishes all fires in an area. Excellent in the early game when you’re running low on technicians, or in the aftermath of a Saboteur attack.


  • True Genius: Zalika’s science minions are more efficient than others, and will complete research far quicker.


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