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Darksiders Genesis – How to Get Outlaw’s Abyssal Armor Shard

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There is a bonus chest in chapter 14 that you can get. In order to reach it, you need to solve a puzzle. You need to reach the platform that is moving on the map. As you move along, you will notice a shelf. A column with a blue button is next to it. You need to jump on it and defeat the enemies that you encounter on the way.


Activate the blue button and move to the lower section in order to activate the first part of the door. When you go to the ride side, you will find two points where you can open portals. Open the portal and jump into one of them to make your character jump higher. You will not be able to move your character now.


When you get to the desired height, hit the button on the right side of the wall. This will open the passage. Inside the chest, you will find the Outlaw’s Abyssal Armor Shard. You will need this to complete the Abyssal Armor.


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