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CryoFall Cheats

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The following are all the CryoFall achievements and how you can unlock them:



T1 technologies

Complete all Tier 1 technologies.



T2 technologies

Complete all Tier 2 technologies.



T3 technologies

Complete all Tier 3 technologies.



T4 technologies

Complete all Tier 4 technologies.



Skill master

Unlock all character skills.



Skill user

Unlock any character skill.




Find and hunt all creatures.



Quest master

Complete all quests.



Ruin explorer

Visit and explore old ruins.



Master herbalist

Collect all herb types.



Pragmium miner

Mine a pragmium spire 😉



Advanced tools

Craft all steel tools.



Oil extraction

Build advanced oil pump.



Lithium extraction

Build advanced lithium extractor.



Electric smelting

Build electric furnace.



Oil processing

Build oil refinery.



Steam power

Build steam generator.



Mechanized transportation

Build vehicle assembly bay.




Build medical station.



T5 technologies

Complete all Tier 5 technologies.



Mineral processing

Build mineral processing plant.



Environmental protection suit

Equip A.P.A.R.T. suit.



Royal attire

Equip full set of gold armor.



Hazardous materials

Equip hazmat suit.



Super protection

Equip super heavy armor.



Clean air

Equip respirator.



Advanced night vision

Equip advanced night vision device.



Pragmium protection

Equip pragmium armor.



Herbal remedy

Craft and use herbal remedy.



Resonance mining

Craft and use pragmium hammer.




Craft and use a medkit.




Craft and use a stimpack.



Completionist – Food

Try all food!



Completionist – Loot

Find all loot!



Completionist – Creatures

Defeat all creatures!



Completionist – Fish

Catch all fish!



Pragmium Queen

Defeat Pragmium Queen!



Sand Tyrant

Defeat Sand Tyrant!



Oil cracking

Build oil cracking plant.




Find all teleport locations.



Drone mining

Use drones for mining.



Coin minting

Mint some coins.



Event – Blue Glider

Participate in the event.



Event – Floater migration

Participate in the event.



Event – Meteorite drop

Participate in the event.



Event – Psi grove

Participate in the event.



Event – Space debris

Participate in the event.



Event – Thumper migration

Participate in the event.


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