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Bus Simulator 21 – How Is My Weekly Result Calculated?

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You generate income through all assigned buses on your routes. The satisfaction rating you receive while driving the route determines how successfully NPC drivers drive the route. The amount of money you earn per route every payday is based on your satisfaction rating and the number of allocated buses.


Your ticket sales, as well as the dodger fines you collect when you check passengers for tickets on your buses, provide a second source of income. Finally, you can earn money by placing ads on your buses. In the customization menu where the ad is attached, the amount of money earned from the advertisement is displayed.


On the other hand, your expenses include:


  • Wages for each assigned bus.


  • Bus maintenance, which varies from model to model.


  • Bus stop maintenance, which accumulates based on the overall bus stops that you have unlocked and increases with each level you upgrade your bus stop.


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