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Bus Simulator 21 – Controls – FAQ

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Bus Simulator 21 – Controls – FAQ

How do I change the controls?

To change controls/key bindings, go to Settings (either in the main menu or if you are in the game by pressing ESC)


Click Controls>General Controls and then the control you would like to change. Click “add binding,” then press the key you would like to use for that specific control. In this menu, you can also remove other key bindings.


Please note that not all controls can be rebound.



How do I use the cockpit elements with the mouse?

Various functions are available to you in your cockpit. To access these functions in cockpit view, press the right mouse button first. You can now interact with the cockpit by left-clicking on the relevant button. All interactive buttons are highlighted with a blue silhouette. Alternatively, a hotkey is also assigned to each function.



How do I get on my bus?

Approach the bus up to the front door. A tooltip will show you where you can open the door. Click left to do so. Now walk into the bus. To enter the cockpit, you first have to open the cockpit door, too. The tooltip again shows you where you have to open the door with a left mouse click. Now click left onto the seat actually to sit down. The cockpit door closes automatically.



How do I leave the driver’s seat?

You exit the cockpit either by pressing the C key on your keyboard.



How can I increase the size of my rear-view mirror view?

If you look in the rearview mirror with your cursor, you can zoom in onto the mirror with the right mouse click. Enter the rearview mirror view by clicking left on your mouse onto the mirror, so change your view to the mirror perspective.



How do I enter the ticketing machine mode?

Either click with the right mouse button once you point your cursor on the ticketing machine. Or you just press the CTRL key on your keyboard to enter or exit the ticketing machine mode. Once you enter the ticketing machine, you can print out the correct tickets for the passenger and give out the correct amount of change.



How do I use the ramp?

Press the corresponding ramp button in the cockpit of the bus or press the button G on your keyboard.


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