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What is the best way to make money in Bus Simulator 21?

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In Bus Simulator 21, how can I make money?

You earn the most of your money in Bus Simulator 21 by selling tickets. You earn more money by placing advertising banners on your buses, catching fare dodgers, and, of course, ticket sales made by your other drivers.


Be punctual: the time left before you’re due at the next bus stop is displayed below the mini-map. To keep your passengers happy, attempt to complete the next part of the trip before the counter reaches zero. When your passengers are happy, you gain extra experience. You can earn bonuses for a variety of things, including:


  • Indicating with right turn signal when pulling over to a bus stop.


  • Stopping in a good position.


  • Being punctual.



You can also have experience points deducted for poor performance, such as:


  • Running a red light


  • Slamming on the brakes


  • Forgetting passengers


Do your best to always drive properly and to please your passengers!



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