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Returnal Save Game Location on PC and PS5


Prepare to die again and again in Returnal, the first full Triple-A title from Housemarque. Originally developed for the PS5, Returnal has finally made the jump over to the PC, where thousands more players like you and I can experience the awesome sci-fi cosmic horror action.


Unimaginable alien creatures, Unfathomable technology, and an endless loop of death that is only ended when you reach the game’s haunting conclusion. Yes, I said loop of death, not Deathloop, that is a different game altogether.


As you play and progress through Returnal, you might find that you need to access your save file. Some people need to find their save file to scrap it and start over. Others need to edit it in some way, and others just like to have that information attainable at all times. It is not my place to tell you when or why you would want to know the game’s save location, I’m just here to tell you how to get to it.


With this Returnal save location guide for both PS5 and PC, you can easily find where all of your Returnal data is located for whatever purposes you might have for it. It is guaranteed to be the best, fastest, way to get to your file’s location, so maybe keep this guide bookmarked.



Windows PC




PlayStation 5

Settings > STORAGE > [Storage device] > Saved Data > PS5 Games > Returnal


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