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OMORI – Optional Boss Locations Guide

OMORI - Optional Boss Locations Guide

Kite Kid and Kid’s Kite: Can be found up the ladder in Pinwheel Forest on the floating island.


Pluto: Can be found behind a tree in Otherworld’s Campsite.


Earth: Can be found in the area past Spaceboy’s backdoor to the Junkyard. Interact with it to fight it.


King Carnivore: This can be found in the bottom right part of Sprout Mole Village. Don’t cut the anvil on it, or you’ll miss your chance to fight it.


Shady Mole: In order to encounter Shady Mole, there is a string of events that need to happen.


After getting your party back from Mr. Jawsum at the Last Resort, go back to Sprout Mole Village. Pessi will be waiting by the doors of Sweetheart’s show with a quest. If you want a guide on how to do the quest, I’ll include it under another spoiler tag under this one. Do the quest. Shady Mole will now show up on the path up to Last Resort. Trade your clams for clems, and he will run with your money. On the path around the first toll booth, to the right, is Shady Mole’s base. Interact with him to initiate the fight. When you win, you get your clams back.


An important thing of Pessi’s is missing, and he asks you to find it for him. Talk to the Shady Mole (the one with the knife to the right of Mari), and he says he will talk if you find him a B.E.D. Go to the bottom right and talk with the mayor mole, and he will complain about his son being late. Go up the ladder, then to the left, and down the next ladder that goes down. Talk to the sport mole in front of the basketball hoop, and he will ask for tofu. Give him tofu, and he will give you a big air horn. Go down the ladder right next to sport mole and use the airhorn to wake up the mayor’s son. He will take the B.E.D. and go to the mayor mole.


After talking with the mayor mole, he will give you the B.E.D. When you give the B.E.D. to the Shady Mole, he says he saw Rosa going through Pessi’s pockets. Go to Rosa’s house and confront her. She refuses to cooperate and kicks you out. Talk to the Shady Mole again, and he will give you blackmail. Go back to Rosa, and she will give you Pessi’s thing. Go back to Pessi and complete the quest.


Nefarious Chip: Sacrifice oatmeal cookies at the altar in the secret place in Orange Oasis (directions on how to get there are included in the Orange Oasis section).


Unbread Twins: Can be found at the end of Breaven.


Breaven is accessed by sacrificing the actual mole at the altar. Stepping into the altar will get you to Breaven.



Hikikomori Exclusive Bosses:

All of these are found on Day 4.


Space Ex-Husband: Can be found at the top of Snowglobe Mountain.


Roboheart: This can be found in Molly’s sector of Humphrey at the end of the hard puzzle (red portal).


Mutantheart: Can be found in Marina’s room on the lower level of Humphrey.


Perfectheart: Can be found on the lower level of Humphrey.

(Warning: she is very hard.)


To reaccess Humphrey on Day 4, go back to the Last Resort and talk to Mr. Jawsum. He’ll give you a big check. Go back to Humphrey and feed him the check. You are now allowed to go back into Humphrey.


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