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Oddworld: Soulstorm Cheats

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Secret Areas

Secret area #1

The first secret area can be a bit tricky to spot. Early in The Ruins, you’re shown how to silently walk past Sligs. In this area, there are two of them to deal with. Once you get past both, the game points you to the left to continue your adventure. Instead, head to the left and down to find the first secret area after you roll under a platform.


Secret area #2

The second hidden area is very easy to find. After conquering your first few encounters with Sligs, you’ll find yourself up against four of them. As you work your way through, make sure to head to the very bottom of the location. Here, you’ll find the second hidden area hiding in plain site. Just pick up the royal jelly and move on.


Secret area #3

Soon after the second hidden area, you’ll come across another set of four Sligs. Deal with them and move onto the next location, but keep an eye out for a ledge you can hop on just after you roll out of the previous area. Hop to the top and unlock the third secret area.


Secret area #4

Later on, you’ll come across another set of four Sligs, these ones all waiting to shoot you from different platforms. There are also four mines on the ground that you’ll need to maneuver around as you make your way to the top of this area. Following that, you’ll come to a new location with just two Sligs. Take them both out (either peacefully or with force) and grab the royal jelly sitting at the bottom right. The fourth secret area is now yours.


Secret area #5 and 6

Right after the last area, you’ll need to climb up over a building. Inside, you’ll notice a royal jelly waiting for you. Make sure once you’re over the building, you turn back to your left and use brew bottles to blow up the door seen in the image below. Head into the building and grab the fifth and sixth secret areas in one go.


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