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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – How to Repair your Mech

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There are two ways to repair all damage on your ‘Mech at once. The first is with the REPAIR ‘MECH button on the BATTLEMECHS screen. The second way is to click EDIT LOADOUT, and on the next screen, you can click on the REPAIR ALL button and then START WORK.


Note that these methods will repair any damaged weapons or equipment, but they will not remove or replace them if they’re destroyed.


If you don’t wish to repair your entire ‘Mech at once, you can instead repair individual instances of damage.


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From the BATTLEMECHS screen, click on the EDIT LOADOUT button and be sure that you are in Details View.


If you click the wrench icon next to any damaged armor, structure, weapon, or equipment, you will schedule it for repair.


If a weapon or piece of equipment is damaged, it will turn yellow and can be repaired. However, if the equipment is fully destroyed, it will turn red and is irreparable and must be removed and replaced. When you want to commit your changes, click on the START WORK button, and you’ll be presented with a work order. To finalize a work order, click on the START button.


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