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League of Maidens – How to Fix No Sound Issue

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So, you’ve got some hiccups with your game’s sound? Sometimes you hear everything just fine, but then cutscenes or other bits are eerily quiet? This can be pretty frustrating.


The culprit is usually a wonky or outdated audio driver. A quick fix? Update that driver. But if that doesn’t do the trick, turning off this thing called “Windows Sonic for Headphones” might help. I’ve heard from a bunch of gamers that this trick worked for them.


Give Your Sound Settings a Quick Look: Pop into the Control Panel and peek at your sound settings. Every now and then, some settings can get a little mixed up.


Windows Sound Mixers – The Handy Tool: Windows has this nifty feature called sound mixers. It lets you tweak the volume of individual apps. Maybe, just maybe, you accidentally turned down the volume for League of Maidens. Let’s sort that out.


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Steps to Get Your Game Sound Back Up

  • Kick off League of Maidens and make sure you run it as an admin. Oh, and have another app open in the background – like a music player or anything else.


  • When the game’s up, alt-tab over to your other app or just hit Windows + D to get to your desktop.


  • Spot the little speaker icon on your desktop? Right-click it and choose Open Volume Mixer.


  • Now, make sure the slider under League of Maidens is cranked up. After that, hop back into your game and check if the sound’s back to normal.


If you’re not sure where to grab the latest ones, here are a few links:









A quick scan of your sound settings and an update to your drivers usually sort out most sound issues. Give it a go, and here’s hoping for glitch-free gaming!


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